BEAST (August 19, 2022)

The Music World Mourns The Lost Of A Multi-Platinum Producer Shamello Has Died

Multi-Platinum Producer/Poet/Humanitarian most noted for producing “Put Ya Hands” for Busta Rhymes. Author-”From Ghetto To Greater” has died.

I wrote an audio biography. Who am I? A multiplatinum music producer Who went to school to study biology. So what! That makes no difference. Not true! To you and you and you and you, Well, my story it has significance. It shows the rise and fall, and rise and fall, and rise and fall And the tough struggles of life we go through, that’s the stuff That binds us all. See me, I’m just like you . . . ’cause I too have big dreams.

I want the finer things; I want my life to be pristine. At the end of the day, I want good kids and a bad wife. I want to get out of the hood. I just want to live a good life, Yes! So if you’re struggling to succeed, Even if you’ve seen success, This book should give you what you need. Take a look; take a read. In my quest to entertain you Poured my life out on the paper. And I’ve given you my plain truth From the streets to the booth From gutter to God From ghetto to greater. The Fun-Authorized Audio Biography of Shamello Durant

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