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Tennessee Pastor Has Died Of Covid19 One Day After His Wife

Virginia and James Scott started their love story in the 1950’s in Mississippi. James’s call to ministry brought their family to the Scenic City. Together they had four children and seven grandchildren.

Friends and family are remembering the Chattanooga couple, who after more than 65 years of marriage passed way within 24 hours of each other.

On January 17th, Virginia passed away at age 83 after she recovered from COVID-19. Hours later, the love of her life passed from COVID-19 complications.

Granddaughter Jada Smith said they supported each other throughout their whole marriage.

“That’s all they thought to do of each other, take care of each other. Even when they were sick,” Smith said.

Smith says they had been married more than 65 years. Virginia was 17 and James was 21 when they wed.

The family says as pastor at New Holy Temple Cathedral Church of God in Christ, Bishop James Scott helped out people from all over Chattanooga.

Their family says it was the couple’s mission to help families all over Chattanooga, no matter their background.

“Everybody knew my grandparents, when I was around them, they were well known,” Smith said.

Their daughter Lotneice S. Hinton says it was more than a shock.

“My dad passed away, the next day, we just knew that only God could orchestrate something like that, you know, where we didn’t have to tell him about her and didn’t have to tell her about him,” Hinton said.

“They love the church, and the church family and New Holy Temple Cathedral. With them being there so long, it was part of their family,” Hinton said.

Their family says their love story has not ended. They say it will live on through not just their family, but the lives Virginia and Scott touched.

“They didn’t have degree for each other, after being married 66 years, which, you know, that’s quite profound. So although the sadness in the loss was there, there was a sense of peace,” Hinton said.

Scott served as a pastor for 61 years at New Holy Temple Cathedral Church of God in Christ.

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