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Popular Bahamas Pastor Found Dead Domestic Violence Suspected

The woman’s body is removed from the scene on Friday.

A popular pastor was discovered brutally murdered following a domestic dispute that also left her daughter in hospital.

The deceased victim, 69-year-old Pastor Lena Pratt, was remembered by relatives yesterday as a powerful woman of God who touched the lives of all she met. 

“She was an agent of change, a caring and loving person you know and she impacted and touched the lives of many,” her niece, Victoria Knowles told The Tribune yesterday.

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Posted by Lena Pratt on Thursday, December 3, 2020

“She was a prayer warrior and she just was a powerful woman of God. She was a good preacher who was a people’s person and like I said, everyone who she encountered fell in love with her. She just had a loving spirit.”

The mother of two and former Abaco resident was discovered at a home on Shabbach Close off Bellot Road Friday morning. Relatives said her daughter, a Hurricane Dorian survivor, is now in stable condition.

Speaking at the scene, Assistant Superintendent of Police Audley Peters told reporters that police were alerted to the incident shortly before 10am Friday.

Upon arrival at the home, officers discovered a woman’s body lying in a pool of blood in a bathroom.

ASP Peters did not detail where the woman sustained injuries or how she was killed, only telling reporters “evidence at this time appears to be a sharp object” – suggesting she was stabbed to death.

The Tribune understands that the perpetrator is a close relative of Pastor Pratt. Police said a man is currently in custody assisting officers with their probe.

Pastor Pratt’s death has dealt a big blow to her family, who are still struggling to cope with the news.

“Everyone loved her,” her niece added. “That day was considered the saddest day in history. That’s how I would consider that day, the saddest day in history.”

Friday’s incident also shocked many residents in the Shabbach Close area, which they described as a quiet community.

Alexandria Norelus — who recently moved in the area — was visibly shaken when she recalled the frightening moment her neighbour ran to her door, asking for her and her boyfriend’s help while also notifying them of her fears that her relative was dead.

Ms Norelus said she was the one who told other neighbours to call the police after being unsuccessful in her attempts to contact the relevant authorities.

“She came to the front porch pouring blood so I tried my best to assist her,” she told reporters. “We told her to be quiet and not to say anything but surprisingly I was very happy she came and we helped her out and she was talking so much because I told her to be quiet because her throat was sliced from here to here.”

She added: “She just was saying she needs an ambulance and she thinks her grandmother is dead because he’s still inside the house with her. I was sitting right to the front window and I told my boyfriend that someone was outside bleeding to death so he just came out and saw her bleeding and grabbed her shirt and was like trying to put pressure on the wounds.”

While lending their assistance to the victim, Ms Norelus said she and her boyfriend were almost attacked.

“As he was trying to put pressure, I looked at the other side of the window and I see (the alleged perpetrator) rushing with a black jacket pouring blood. His face was full of blood and it just was scary. I told (my boyfriend) to ‘watch out, he coming’ and I guess he pull out the knife and tried to attack my boyfriend who was helping.

“So (my boyfriend) told him ‘stay back’. He had a knife also and told him ‘stay back, don’t come any further’ so I tried to get the lady up to put her inside the house so she could be safe as well and lock the door. Two police cars came in rushing and then he just ran off and that was it.”

Ms Norelus said the entire ordeal has left her in complete shock.

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