BEAST (August 19, 2022)

“My heart broke on friday night and a piece of it went with him” writes Dr. Fred K.C. Price’s Daughter

The love, the posts, the stories, the comments and the messages have been the most amazing acts of comfort and support. To everyone who has reached out I thank you. My heart is broken 💔 at the passing of my incredible father but the love for him, the support for mom, me and my siblings gives the biggest hug I could possibly feel.

There’s so many expressions of love I can barely respond so please forgive me. And I love to respond because everyone is so sweet. But trust me when I say, I read everything all during the day and when I’m trying to go to sleep. I can’t scroll much because the photos bring fresh tears every time and I wonder will I ever stop crying. Frederick K.C. Price was the epitome of a great man. Husband. Father. Grandfather. Father-in-law. In addition he excelled as a pastor and mentor and example to many. He was the ultimate teacher and not only with faith but with taking out the trash, not running out of gas in your car and coming home at curfew.

There was always a lesson to be learned. If he showed you how to use the new tv remote you better listen to his full commentary on how to use it and where to put it back on the tv or you would get an earful about how you didn’t. 😅 He was organized and orderly, disciplined, had integrity and what you saw in public was dad at home. He was not two faced and as he often said “what you see, is what you get.” He loved his wife and us kids and he protected and took great care of us. He was brilliant, a true man of God, always sharply dressed and he loved Gods people and wanted the absolute best for them.

I am honestly a daddy’s girl and a mommy’s girl. I think as youngest daughter I’ve always had the best position in the family. Fred, although younger, also recognizes I am the baby of the family at times.😄From going on Fedco runs with dad to family vacations to that time we did a duet at that karaoke store in Carson, I have memories to hold dear the rest of my life. He was a movie buff, enjoying action, science fiction and thrillers and he loved music, especially opera. And way back in the day he liked jazz and I would sneak and play his albums when he wasn’t home.

I admire him so much for starting a ministry that birthed a community of worshippers that spans my entire life. People met their spouses at CCC, brought their kids up there, sent their kids to school there, met their life long friends there, ministers started their own ministries from there. That is such an incredible, awesome, amazing legacy and I am so proud to be a part of it.🙏🏽❤️So on this Valentine’s Day my heart is heavy…I never thought he would go to the hospital and never come home.

I was waiting, praying, sending him emails to read when he got home. I planned on reading him all his birthday cards. I even planned his 90th birthday party while waiting for him to get better. I know he’s in glory, I have peace knowing that. But my heart…He will always be the absolute best. I will always honor him….He was my hero, my first Valentine….my heart broke Friday night and a piece of it went with him. I love you forever daddy.Your baby girl

The love, the posts, the stories, the comments and the messages have been the most amazing acts of comfort and support….

Posted by Stephanie Bee on Sunday, February 14, 2021

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