BEAST (August 19, 2022)

Grandmother Shot By Her 10-Year Old Grandson At Church

A 10-year-old who stumbled onto a handgun in the living quarters of a Pa. church accidentally pulled the trigger twice while his grandmother was trying to take the weapon away, police say.

It happened around 5 p.m. at the Solid Rock Ministry in Uniontown, Fayette County, Pa.

Police say after the 10-year-old found a gun in the church’s living quarters, he fired off several shots in the church parking lot.

And when his grandmother came to disarm the child, two shots were fired – accidentally – according to police.

“I don’t think he realized the severity of what he had in his hand and the grandmother was going out to stop him as he was shooting into the church building and that’s whenever she got shot says,” Uniontown City Police Lt. Tom Kolencik.

At last report, the woman, who was not identified in initial reports, was flown to a hospital in West Virginia.

Her condition was not immediately known, but it’s been reported she kis expected to survive.

It’s not clear how the 10-year-old got access to the gun in the church’s living quarters.

The investigation continues and it is being said that charges are expected to be filed in the case.

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