BEAST (August 19, 2022)

Erica Campbell tried to defend the good pastors on DL Hughley Twitter

D.L. Hughley posted earlier today about Bishop Lamar Whitehead. He is the Pastor in Brooklyn, New York that was allegedly robbed. Well, more articles and videos continue to surface about his lavish lifestyle vs his church. We caught this down in the comments on D. L. Hughley’s timeline. Erica Campbell was really trying to defend the Gospel and the institution of the church, by asking D. L. to post some of the good Pastors. The comments then started saying there are no “good” pastors and leaders and they are all about taking poor peoples money. It got a little hot in there! I think it was bold and courageous of Erica to single-handedly stand up for the church on a platform that church seems to not be the place of choice.

We also saw where Fred Hammond chimed in as well to explain there are good and bad in all industries, but seems like the more this Pastor flaunts his clothing and “wealth” the more kicks are coming toward the institution of the church as a whole.

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