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Church Employee Fired After A Racist Social Media Post!

Kojo for Congress. This is whom the racist comment was made toward.

Pastor of Victory Church condemns remarks made by their HR director toward a first district congressional candidate

His campaign manager, Adam O’Connor, says they were saddened when they received this message online, saying in part, “How can I help Kojo move back to whatever country he came from.”

“Silly enough, because Kojo is actually from Virginia; he’s not actually from Ghana, not that it should matter,” O’Connor said.

O’Connor said the message came from John Brown, who was the HR Director at Victory Church.

Pastor Paul Daugherty of Victory Church has informed me that John Brown has been released from his role as Director of…

Posted by Kojo for Congress on Monday, October 19, 2020

Kojo decided to share what happened publicly, and the post received hundreds of responses and comments.

Victory Church’s pastor, Paul Daugherty, says this does not represent the church as a whole.

“I apologized to him and said I’m sorry those words were said to you and how they affected you or anyone else who read them and felt hurt by those words.

We’re a church of love, acceptance, and forgiveness; a church that celebrates all nationalities, all backgrounds, and all ethnicities,” Pastor Daugherty said.

Kojo asked for three things: Acknowledgement, an apology and atonement.

“Hopefully this apology is not just words, but also actions,” the pastor said.

Kojo wrote a positive update on Facebook:

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