BEAST (August 19, 2022)

As Donnie McClurkin Acknowledged His 21 Year Old Son He Also Checked An Evangelist

Pastor Donnie McClurkin has been hot in the press for the past few months because of an interview on television show “Uncensored”. Like most in the media it lingers for a while then it fades away. Well, Pastor McClurkin has moved on and took to his social media to wish his 21 year old son (Matthew) a happy birthday.

While most of the comments were sending birthday wishes there were some sharing their amazement to see he had a son. It seems Pastor Donnie was ok with those post, but then an Evangelist took it a little too far.

She asked Pastor Donnie to share, “the whole story” behind his son. Well, her post ignited a riveting response from the preacher. See post below.

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