BEAST (August 19, 2022)

Woman shot by law enforcement inside Capitol building has died

A woman shot by law enforcement as Trump supporters rushed inside the Capitol building Wednesday afternoon has died, according to NBC News.

Some local politicians said the actions of a mob of Trump supporters who stormed the nation’s Capitol building Wednesday were unacceptable and go against the country’s firmly held principles of peaceful protest.

“The violent and undemocratic events at our nation’s Capitol are completely unacceptable,” said Assemblyman Rudy Salas (D) of the 32nd Assembly District. “We need to come together as true Americans who believe in American Democracy and the right to peaceful protests and elections.”

Assemblyman Vince Fong (R) said, “While there is a right to peaceful protest and debate, this type of disruptive and violent behavior on display in DC is unacceptable. I am upset, angered, and saddened. We, as Americans, should be better examples of how to properly conduct ourselves in a representative democracy.”

Fong serves in the 34th Assembly District.

And state Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove tweeted “This is unacceptable. America guarantees the freedom of speech and to protest, but this is not the way to settle differences. Enough.”

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