BEAST (August 19, 2022)

Well-Known South Carolina Apostle Has Died

Apostle Buffie McIver is a dynamic Prophetess/ Teacher with a soul-satisfying message for a spiritually famished generation of people. Apostle McIver is founder and proprietor of Buffie McIver Ministries, LLC , Symply Systerhood Inc .and Victorious Women Foundation Non –Profit Organization of Freedom Ministries. She preaches, exhorts, and conducts divine healing services, ministers to church groups and organizations, and her Miracle Monday services are popular around the globe. Her direct yet sensitive discernment has brought her legions of admirers and disciples (To God be the Glory).

At the center of her ministry is her hard as steel Bible based convictions and extraordinary sense of calm tranquilizes and puts those around her at complete ease. She is also an entrepreneur with several successful businesses, a perfume line “Senelvia”, a tee shirt line, an author and life coach/mentor. Apostle McIver is a prayer warrior who has a unique teaching and deliverance style, a woman full of love for all people, and kingdom integrity. Apostle McIver has been anointed by God to impart wisdom, knowledge and hope to all ages, creeds and colors that will cause them to walk in their God ordained purpose.

She is mother in Zion , a seasoned woman of God that is kingdom minded and as she says “Under Mandate”. She is a designer’s original: Taylor made. She ministers a non compromising word of the Lord. She operates in all five of the fivefold ministry gifts and all nine gifts following. Apostle McIver is an administrative Apostle in Freedom Ministries under the tutelage of Chief Apostle Bryan Wilson. If asked one thing she wants people to know she responded if you don’t want to know the truth don’t ask me and I am saved for real. We introduce you to Kingdom Ambassador Apostle Buffie McIver.

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