Valentine’s Day Love Horoscopes Released Telling What Type Of Date You Should Be Planning

WHAT will you be doing with your lover on Valentine’s Day? Perhaps you should use star signs to make the ultimate plan today. Here’s how to impress your other...

WHAT will you be doing with your lover on Valentine’s Day? Perhaps you should use star signs to make the ultimate plan today.

Here’s how to impress your other half with an astrologically-themed Date Night that is sure to score you big brownie points, and end in a ‘grand finale!’


Thrills, spills and high-octane fun get Aries’ blood pumping (in all the right places), as well as an element of competition or rivalry. 

So, look to a glamourous night at the casino, a sports event (in a sport you both like, obvs), an escape room, a scary experience (a dungeon walk-through?), as long as it’s something active and attention-grabbing, they’ll be all riled up.


Taurus’s favourite thing (apart from money) is food. So, keep it simple and make the date a food-based one, you’ll get no complaints.

Taureans are impressed by materialistic gestures, so push the boat out as far as you dare in terms of finding somewhere exclusive, expensive and impressive. It’ll be worth it… later. You are dessert.

If you do a Valentine's Day plan around food, your taurus partner will be happy
If you do a Valentine’s Day plan around food, your taurus partner will be happyCredit: Getty Images – Getty


Think: “what would a 10 year old enjoy?”… and you’re pretty much in the zone. 

Geminis are the zodiac’s Peter Pans, and are ever-youthful and fun-seeking. 

For instance: circuses, novelty pop up events, theme parks, seaside jaunts, quiz nights, cinema triple bills etc.

 Make it all about having a fast’n’furious, fun-filled time and the romance and affection will flow naturally because they’ll be in such a good mood.


Cancerians are born for Valentines- keen on PDAs, oysters and champagne, soppy behaviour in general and flattery, so whatever your version of romance is, dial it up and add some more roses. 

Moonlight and water also do ~funny~ things to Cancerians, because they’re ruled by the moon and they adore the ocean. 

A riverside stroll and cocktails to finish (they like a cocktail), a meal in a sea-facing restaurant, a trip on a boat with a bar (drink always goes down well with Cancerians). Swoon…

Cancers love to celebrate Valentine's Day in an over-the-top way
Cancers love to celebrate Valentine’s Day in an over-the-top wayCredit: Getty Images – Getty


Leos are natural-born performers and love show business, so tickets to a hot event in town will turn their heads.

They love to show off about where they’ve been / who they’ve seen, so you’re also giving them a good reason to tell their friends about you (in a good way).

Karaoke is also a good option. 

They love watching others perform, and, after a few champagnes, may even ~surprise~ you with a turn of their own (whether that’s a good idea or not will remain to be seen).


Something elegant, modest and in-keeping with the theme. 

Dinner and drinks at a place they haven’t been (but has 100% great reviews, because they don’t like to find fault, even though they can’t help it…). 

Buy them a gift, pay them a thoughtful compliment, strategically do ~little things~ that they’ll remember, because, for Virgo, it’s ALL in the detail. 

Plan a practically perfect evening and they’ll be yours truly.

Give your Leo lover tickets to an event if you want to nail the day of romance
Give your Leo lover tickets to an event if you want to nail the day of romanceCredit: Getty Images – Getty


Librans are big fans of the arts, and they appreciate the finer things in life. 

So, something cultural and fancy like a dance show, exhibition, open mic night, late-night museum etc can capture their interest and show you’ve put some consideration into this (which is what they’ll value the most). 

Librans also love dancing, carousing and partying, so throw some of that in afterwards and you’ve invented the perfect Libran night out.


Sex is pretty much what is on a Scorpio’s mind, pretty much 24:7. 

So, cut to the chase and create the time, space and energy for a marathon, no-holds-barred bedroom ~session~. Scorpio bliss. 

They just want you all to themselves.


The great outdoors is the Sagittarian’s favourite environment, so something outside will suit them and put them in their natural element. 

Maybe a moonlight walk and a winter ~picnic~. Maybe a river cruise. 

Maybe drinks and s’mores around the fire pit in the back garden. 

Get yourselves in the fresh air, cuddle up, gaze at the moon. 

Who knows where it goes (… they are WELL into al fresco nookie, so, actually, I can probably take a guess).


Capricorns like the finer things in life and status symbols. It reflects their ambitious personality and hardwired need to be successful. 

So, a trip to Greggs and a wander down the precinct is NOT going to impress them. 

Book something sought-after, something the uber-rich get to do, something you have both read about and made eyes at. 

The expense is worth it, because this is exactly what gets them going, and what will make them see YOU as future potential.


Aquarians have got big old brains, and love to be intellectually stimulated (and then the rest will follow…). 

Organise something clever and interesting, and surprise them e,g, a lecture or talk, a quiz, a treasure hunt, a museum visit. 

Think of it like a sexy school trip. Then *super important* let them choose what you do afterwards. 

Aquarians also like to have control and thrive on making spontaneous decisions. Let them surprise you too!


Pisceans love all things weird and wonderful – psychic readings, seances, ghost hunts, spell casting, pagan festivals etc. 

They are typically a little bit psychic themselves, which may explain the sharp interest. 

They crave intimacy and connection, so doing something on their wavelength and taking a genuine interest in it will impress them. 

A joint tarot reading (if you dare…)? A ghost walk? A psychic night event? Schpooky chills!  

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