Trump mocks ‘late’ votes in Georgia governor race, sarcastically blames Putin

The president declared Republican Brian Kemp the winner over Stacey Abrams — even though votes are still being counted.

President Donald Trump declared Republican Brian Kemp the winner of the Georgia governor’s race against Democrat Stacey Abrams on Friday, despite the fact that votes are still being counted.

NBC News has characterized the contest as too close to call. Kemp has 50.3 percent, or 1,979,913 votes, Abrams has 48.7 percent, or 1,910,853 votes, and a third-party Libertarian candidate has 0.9 percent, or 37,094 votes, according to NBC News.

If the margin is less than 1 percent between two candidates, a candidate may request a recount.

Abrams has not conceded and her campaign is vowing legal action to continue counting ballots.

Trump also sarcastically suggested the ongoing vote counts in Georgia and Florida is the work of the Russians.

“Let’s blame the Russians and demand an immediate apology from President Putin!” Trump tweeted, two days after a boastful Wednesday press conference in which the president argued that he had personally staved off a blue wave and boosted his party’s Senate gains.



In the close Georgia governor’s race, the Abrams campaign said there is no way for Kemp to know how many outstanding ballots are left, because of incoming ballots from military overseas and provisional ballots.

It’s a joke to the President Of The United States…

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