This Philly Mother Bought A Dog Leash, Hanged Her 2 Kids Then Had Sex With Her Dog

Lisa Snyder, 36, is charged with killing her children Connor, 8, and Brinley, 4, in Berks County, Pennsylvania. (Picture: Berks County Jail/ Facebook) A mother accused of having sex...

Lisa Snyder, 36, is charged with killing her children Connor, 8, and Brinley, 4, in Berks County, Pennsylvania. (Picture: Berks County Jail/ Facebook)

A mother accused of having sex with her family’s dog bought a leash then hanged her children with it, investigators say. Berks County District Attorney John Adams revealed new gruesome details Monday in the case of Lisa Snyder, 36, who is charged Monday with killing her son Conner, 8, and her daughter Brinley, 4, The children were found hanged from opposite ends of a ‘single-wire cable dog lead’ in the basement of their home in Berks County, Pennsylvania in September.

During an investigation into the children’s’ deaths, authorities found at least three explicit messages sent by Snyder that indicated she engaged in sex acts with a black and white dog. Snyder, who owned a pit bull-husky mix that she reportedly gave away before her children’s deaths, was subsequently charged with having sex with an animal, Adams said. Adams said that Snyder ordered the vinyl-coated wire lead, labeled ‘super’ and ‘250-pounds,’ which she picked up on the day of her children’s deaths at a local Walmart.

Police said that before Conner and Brinley were found hanged in the basement, Snyder conducted web searches for ‘hanging yourself’ and visited a website with instructions on hanging a person. Impeachment report says Donald Trump used his power to try and rig 2020 election She also allegedly searched ‘how long to die’ from carbon monoxide poisoning’ and ‘almost got away with it,’ which is a reference to a true crime TV series investigating criminals who nearly escaped justice.

On the day police responded to the home, Snyder called 911 and told a dispatcher that her son was bullied and ‘had made threats of doing this, but didn’t want to go alone,’ according to the Morning Call. Police arrived at the home and found the children hanged from the wire leash, which was attached to support beams in the basement, with two wooden chairs found overturned nearby. Conner and Brinley were put on life support, but died three days after they were found. (Picture: Facebook) The children were found hanged and unresponsive in the basement of their home on September 23. (Picture: ABC News)

Snyder never returned to the basement as paramedics worked to save the children, Adams said. Conner and Brinley died in a hospital three days later after they were placed on life support. ‘I would agree that we all may think that a mother of a children who are found hanging would make every effort possible to save them. That was not done in this situation,’ Adams said. Dying baby endured 24 hours of agonizing pain after abusive sitter failed to seek help Snyder later created a Facebook page called ‘Remembering Conner & Brinley’ where she posted dozens of photos of her children, along with posts of apparent mourning.

However, months later, she was arrested for the alleged murder of her children. ‘…Eight year-olds, generally, that I am aware of, do not commit suicide so of course we had questions almost immediately,’ Adams said Monday. Snyder is charged with first-degree murder, third-degree murder, tampering with evidence, endangering the welfare of children, animal cruelty and sexual intercourse with a dog. She is being held in the Berks County jail without bail.

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