BEAST (August 19, 2022)

This Pastors Wife Was Taken Into Custody After Her Flight From Texas When Airline Discovered While She Was Flying Her Test Said Positive

The wife of a pastor in Canada who was flying home from a work trip to Texas was taken to an ‘undisclosed isolation center’ and detained for two nights because authorities said she had the incorrect COVID test.

Nikki Mathis, 35, who founded the Summit Church movement in 2009 in Florida with her husband, Chris, landed back from Dallas on January 28, after a four-day trip.

Before boarding the plane in Texas she had, as required, been tested for COVID-19 and was able to show her negative test to fly.

However on arrival in Calgary border control officials told her that her antigen nasal swab test was not acceptable, and she needed to have a molecular test instead.

She told Global News she got a COVID-19 test at a U.S. health clinic, where the doctor offered her two test options.

‘I said, ‘I need to have a test that shows I’m negative for COVID and can get on an airplane,’ she said.

The test, it later emerged, was not sufficient.

‘They rejected her results and told her she needed to go immediately to an isolation facility,’ wrote Chris on Facebook.

‘She was told if she resisted she would be arrested. She called me, and I immediately asked to talk with the officer.’

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