This Husband Divorced His Wife, Married His Mother-In-Law And Has A Child With Them Both

A WIFE has revealed her world was turned upside down when her partner walked out on her and their baby – to move in with her mom and get...

A WIFE has revealed her world was turned upside down when her partner walked out on her and their baby – to move in with her mom and get her PREGNANT.

Lauren Wall, 34, was left devastated at the betrayal 15 years ago after her mother had forked out $15,000 for their dream wedding and even joined them on the honeymoon.

 Lauren says 'time is a great healer'
Lauren says ‘time is a great healer’Credit: Facebook

A then 19-year-old Lauren thought all her dreams were coming true when she walked down the aisle with Paul White, her mom Julie beaming proudly at her in August 2004.

The couple had been together just over two years, with their daughter arriving in March.

Speaking to The Mirror, Lauren says she fancied Paul “instantly” and knew she had to marry him in a dream ceremony.

Lauren, from Twickenham, South West London, says: “Although we hadn’t planned a family so soon, when our daughter was born we were thrilled.”

The pair had their dream church wedding five months later, with Lauren’s own mom shelling out $15k for the big day.

 Julie, pictured, with Lauren's ex-husband, Paul

Julie, pictured, with Lauren’s ex-husband, PaulCredit: Facebook

The couple even invited Lauren’s mom along to their week-long honeymoon in Devon as a thank-you for footing the bill.

But, Lauren says, three weeks after they returned Paul was like a different person.

He told me he wanted to be with me forever

Paul would disappear for hours and became “protective” over his phone, she says.

Not long after, Lauren’s sister discovered saucy texts between Julie and Paul when she borrowed her mum’s phone.

After agonising over whether to come clean, she eventually told a heartbroken Lauren who confronted the adulterous pair.

Lauren says: “Mom denied everything, saying, ‘You’re crazy!’ When I confronted Paul he went white as a sheet – and refused to let me see his phone.”

Just days later, Paul walked out and Lauren was left heartbroken.

Describing her anguish, she says: “I felt like my world had ended. I was a 19-year-old kid with a kid.”

Things moved quickly between Paul and Julie – one minute Lauren heard they had moved in together and the next she spotted her mom walking down the street, cradling a swollen belly.

Lauren says: “When I saw her in the street and noticed she had a bump, my mind raced. She clutched her stomach and told me, ‘It’s a cyst’. I felt so sick, I went home and destroyed all the photos of our wedding.

“I couldn’t believe the two people I loved and trusted most in the world could betray me like this.

“It was sick. It’s one of the worst things a mom can do to a daughter.


“Paul may have been a gutless groom but she’s my mom. She’s meant to love and protect me above all others.”

At this point, Lauren knew she had to be her own Prince Charming and set about getting a divorce and working on making herself happy.

Incredibly, Lauren even managed to attend Paul and Julie’s wedding – for the sake of her daughter – in 2006.

She explains how her mom had tried to reach out a few times, once ambushing her in a car and another time writing her a letter, but Lauren couldn’t face it.

Although the pair do get on better now – things are still difficult.

Lauren still has to speak to Paul as he’s married to her mom – and she’s asked him to explain to their daughter but he says it’s “forgotten” now.

But now, Lauren is happy with a new partner and expecting her fourth child.

Julie, 53, said: “We are married. We didn’t have an affair. We are married and that’s it.” Paul, now 35, declined to comment.

 Lauren attended her ex-husband's wedding to her own mother for their daughter's sake
Lauren attended her ex-husband’s wedding to her own mother for their daughter’s sakeCredit: Facebook
 She says what happened to her will affect her for the rest of her life
She says what happened to her will affect her for the rest of her lifeCredit: Facebook
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    Like the song says.Love is a battlefied/

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    Mom probably does anal. *shrug*

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      You heartless bastard!

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    Sickening, absolutely nothing about this is right . She’s not a mother .. she’s a freak of a person with no morals or standards. How and why would anyone be so stupidly sickening to live like that !!
    You know he’s after the money and I would take them both to court and sue for all the emotional stress and trauma that they have put on her and the child . Wipe them out and watch what happens. Karma will get both of them . God bless the other child born to that horrible mom . He or she is gonna need a lot of therapy. And there’s no telling what that miserable woman will do to that child .
    Forgive her if you can but put that awful lady out of your life for your daughters sake . She’s not a fit mom , much less a grandma. She would never see or touch my baby if I were you . Get their money and run . There’s a college fund for your child . Piss on them . And he’s a piece of shit no matter how you look at it .
    Always be the bigger , better person . But move on . They don’t deserve a minute of you time or energy.

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    I had s daughter do the same to me I was in a marriage my ex husband now he helped me was my daughter as his own she called him dad and everything we separted because he and my daughter seem to act strange at times and certain things wasn’t adding up long story short when she turned 18 they decided to tell me they were going to be a couple even though we were still married before our divorce was even final she had given birth to his child we are now divorced and they are married

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      You didn’t use a single period or comma or any sort of punctuation. I can’t understand what you’re saying in this because you obviously never went to elementary school. You can’t expect anyone to understand you when you communicate like a 3 year old.

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    Only white people

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    Seriously I mean does this mother have no morals a sister cheating with her sisters husband a mother cheating with her daughters husband and then tries to explain it away there’s no excuse I may be able to forgive her but I would never be able to have her in my life again you can forgive someone except them for who they are but they don’t have to be a part of your life and she had such little regard for her daughter She’s a self serving piece of crap mom and karma will have its day Julie is a much better person than I am to even speak to her or let her back into her life that is the ultimate betrayal from a mother If she would do that then she’s capable of doing anything and obviously she puts her self before her children I would have to forgive her for myself but I don’t think she could ever be a part of my life again that’s a terrible heartache to live with I would move on and let her live with The choice she made I mean really what a lowlife

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    A choice they both in time will regret, we have to be careful what we do there will be consequences later in life.

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    Crazy!! But the first reply here is hilarious — why settle for the copy when you can have the original?? Priceless. Lol

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    I think the best way to explain the situation to the brother-nephew or brother-uncle or sister-niece or sister-aunt is the following: “Despite what your mom told you this is the truth. I loved your mom so much that it wasn’t enough for me to be with her. I needed the original and decided to go get the love directly from the source (your grandma) why settle for a duplicate when you could have the original. That is why I married your grandma and am both your father and grandpa. See I decided to keep it in the family and get the milk from the cow that gave birth to the other cow whose milk I enjoyed. You’ll know what I am talking about when you get older.” Easiest conversation he will ever have.

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    This is terrible! How can a mother do this to her child. How can a husband and father marry his mother-in law. This is sickening. They’re kids are sisters or aunties or brothers and uncles. The daughter is hurt and betrayed by her trashy ass mama. Your mom and ex – husband needs an ass whooping. This is some lifetime movie stuff.

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    I want to puke I would never talk to them again

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    This is horrible and sickening 💯

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    We attempt to teach our children right from wrong and integrity. This “mother” showed neither.

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    I bad choice. He for one is not bright. No lasting happiness can be made from Lust. He is after her money. You should be now too. Take him to the cleaners for max support for your child. Lastly your far more easy on the eyes than she. Let him live with his choices and that baggy old not so much of a mom.

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    The only word that comes to mind is disgusting a mother is supposed to put her children first above all things how can a mother betray her daughter like that .I hope her daughter finds true happiness and believe me before long that horrible man will cheat on her mother as well

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    Utterly revolting. How could she? And just…EW!! Way to think of the kids Grandma!

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    “This Husband” Likes to dig his own grave…..

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    Wow, the ultimate betrayal. Her mom is a horrible person AND mother. Karma will pay her soundly.

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