BEAST (August 19, 2022)

Georgia Pastor’s House Burned Down 10 Days Before Christmas

Our homes are the center of our Christmas celebrations.  But what if your home was suddenly gone?

A raging fire destroyed the home of a longtime Columbus pastor ten days before Christmas– and now she’s just thankful for the gift of life.

A local pastor’s home in Harris County was destroyed by fire Tuesday night.

Pastor Rolesta Ellis of CPT of Faith Church in Columbus said she was getting ready for bed when she heard a noise like water dripping inside of her house.

That sound turned out to be a fire at her home in Sweetwater Drive in the Coca Lake Subdivision. Ellis said making her way out to safety was nothing short of a miracle as smoke eventually filled the living room and made it hard for her to see.

“I got to the door, God had a circle around the door knob on the wood so I could see the door knob, because as I attempted to go out the door in the garage when I heard the noise, it wouldn’t open” said Ellis.

Ellis said she ran out of the house in the rain with no shoes on or coat, and cried out for help. A neighbor heard her voice and called 911. The home appears to be a total loss, but the family said neighbors have been amazing in assisting with donations.

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