BEAST (August 19, 2022)

The World Is Talking About This Church That Donated 3.5 Million Dollars Into Small Businesses

Transformation Church has donated more than $3 million during this past Sunday’s church service as they give back to a community that has struggled to support them.

The megachurch, once the target of noise complaints after moving to Bixby, is now spreading Christmas cheer.

Pastor Michael Todd handed out cash, and cars to members and total strangers.

The church has made news in the past for receiving dozens of noise complaints from surrounding homes.

But the pastor, addressing that on Sunday, is not letting that stop them from making a difference.

All of this comes a day after the church made another big donation.

They gifted every child at the Tulsa Boy’s Home with a pair of shoes.

“There are some incredible people doing some really cool things,” said Jeff Johnson.

$65,000 worth of shoes purchased from Silhouette Shoe and Art off Greenwood.

Employees are still in shock after the pastor himself stopped by to clean the house.

“What this act does do is teach me a lesson on gratitude and kindness,” said Venita Cooper.

A gift that helps this Greenwood business during the holidays and provides shoes to kids who may have never received a nice pair of shoes before.

“If they can anything for Christmas, they will all tell you, it would be to have a family, but if that’s not going to be the case this year, a new pair of Air Jordans; that’s going to rank up there,” said Johnson.

A lesson on kindness and loving your neighbor.

The church also recently purchased the PostRock retail and office space around the church for $20.5 million.

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