The OG Mike Epps funny man talks Kevin Hart, Hollywood, and fame on The Breakfast Club

Mike Epps is a veteran in the comic game and though he hasn’t been a part of mainstream Hollywood for a hot minute he still holds a special place...

Mike Epps is a veteran in the comic game and though he hasn’t been a part of mainstream Hollywood for a hot minute he still holds a special place in the hearts of comedy fans worldwide.

But lately whenever his name comes up it’s usually in connection to Kevin Hart as there’s been a little animosity between to the two comics. Today Mike Epps swung through Angela Lee-less Breakfast Club and of course was pressed by Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy about the issue.

While he doesn’t necessarily name Kevin himself in the many beefs he has with the Hollywood game and the practices that go on behind closed doors, Mike lets it be known that though Kev does help people get on he’s also part of the problem as a “Black gatekeeper.”

Here are the 6 things we learned from Mike Epp on The Breakfast Club.

Apparently Mike Epps doesn’t think Kevin Hart is funny. When asked by DJ Envy if that was the case, Mike simply said, “Hey, like I said… you know everybody has an opinion. It’s people that don’t think I’m funny.” He remembers before Kev blew up he had Kev over at his house for dinner, but “I ain’t never been in his… I ain’t never been in his house for dinner.” Interestingly enough Mike and Kevin’s kids go to school together and get along.

Mike also took issue with Kevin Hart talking about Katt Williams’ drug habit. “You can’t do that, man… You talkin’ about your cousin in front of them people, with a pocket full of money!” That being said Mike also wants heads to stop “using each other to come up off each other” like when “people doing interviews when their projects is coming out and attacking people. I can see that comin’ from a mile away. Now you upset – and you the cops – you upset with people cause you got a movie coming out so you know you got something to say. You can’t do that, man. How much more do you want?”

Mike says he landed a role in Eddie Murphy’s Dolomite film simply by calling him up and asking him about the movie. “That’s what you call class. That’s respect.”

According to Mike there’s some “Black gatekeepers” in Hollywood that pick and choose which Black actors get work based on who they like. He won’t name names but he says “there’s some good ones out there” that help who they can and some “mean” ones who do the opposite. That being said Mike admits he doesn’t have any Hollywood friends and all the jobs he gets he gets them on his own accord.

Mike Epps said he auditioned for the role of Richard Pryor “100 times” and Lee Daniels made comics like him and Marlon Wayans constantly try for the role until he finally decided on Mike.

When it comes to the comedy game, Mike says the fakeness that came with the fame and success made him rethink how he viewed his life. He’d rather live humbly while continuing to do what he loves, crack jokes.

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