‘That picture ugly’: Woman comments on her own wanted post then turns herself in to police

Crime Stoppers says she was more than welcome to turn herself in and take a new photo.

A woman wanted by the law couldn’t keep her opinion about her mugshot to herself. Now she’s in custody.

St. Martin Crime Stoppers in Louisiana posted a photo on Facebook last month of Precious Landry, 18, who was being sought on a charge of attempted second-degree murder.

Landry, apparently not a fan of the photo, commented on it. “That picture ugly,” she wrote.

Crime Stoppers commented back it was willing to do a retake.

“Precious Landry you are always welcome to head over to the Sheriff’s Office and take a new picture if you want! Or you can just wait to take it when someone turns you in to collect on the $1,000 reward!”

The post was updated to say Landry had turned herself in. There was no word on whether she liked her new mugshot.

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