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Surgeon General Jerome Adams Says Oprah And Tyler Perry Want To Help Push The Covid19 Vaccine

Surgeon General broke the news this morning that he spoke with Oprah over the weekend and she expressed interest in promoting the covid19 vaccine and looks like she is bringing Tyler Perry with her. Are you taking it?

Go to 4:40 in this video to hear SG Jerome Adams discuss his conversation with Oprah.

Oprah Winfrey’s message is clear: the flu and pneumonia vaccines are important. This was the take home message when the former talk show host appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and discussed a serious pneumonia illness that resulted in her hospitalization.


, including their vaccine attitudes.

The study revealed that 60% of participants agreed that influenza vaccination is the best way to prevent flu-related deaths and hospitalization. However, only 52% said they plan to get the flu vaccine this season. In addition, almost 60% of the participants at higher risk of pneumococcal disease reported that they have never been educated to get the pneumococcal vaccine.

This study demonstrates the need for increased education and awareness about the importance of vaccines.

With flu season just around the corner, candid discussions about complications that may arise from not receiving the vaccines are also important. Ultimately, the flu and pneumonia can lead to hospitalization and death.

Read the full article on Pharmacy Times


1. Shapiro N. Oprah suffered a vaccine-preventable illness. Now she’s promoting vaccines.

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