BEAST (August 19, 2022)

Steve And Marjorie Harvey Teamed Up With Pastor Jamal Bryant

There were lines for miles and miles and miles! With so many people in need as we approach the Christmas holiday, Steve Harvey and Pastor Jamal Bryant were determined to show there’s still hope and resources for those who need them.

It’s being called one of the biggest food giveaways in the State Of Georgia!

The lines started as early as 5am and were non-stop until over 8000 boxes had been distributed. The people were overwhelmingly grateful. We watched as Pastor Jamal walked the lines to personally greet the people. He was determined to give hope to many that are missing the fellowship of in person church and those that maybe weren’t members, but just grateful that Newbirth was continuing to be a pillar in the community.

Today, more than 350 volunteers came out to help provide hearty, healthy Christmas meal boxes comprising of fresh fruits, produce, protein and much more!

“What we’ve seen since we began these distributions in the spring is that we’ve been able to supply a true need for the community,” explained Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant, senior pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. “And unfortunately, that need is growing, with the continued economic downturn and the fast-approaching end-of-year expiration of federal relief programs. It’s a blessing that we can help when families need it the most.”

Thanks to generous donations from World Vision, The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, Gates Industrial Corporate Foundation, and more, New Birth’s Christmas City at Wakanda supplied holiday cheer to children of incarcerated parents and other families in need this holiday season.

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