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Some With Epilepsy Are Having Seizures After Covid19 Vaccine And Continued Research On Why Some With Underlying Illnesses Have Died

Fifteen elderly died within days of receiving a Covid-19 vaccination

Fifteen people out of the first half-million receive a Covid-19 vaccination died within nine days of their inoculation. All of the people with fatal outcomes had either multiple underlying health issues, or serious health problems, according to Dutch pharmaceutical risk research center Lareb.

Two of them were between the ages of 70 and 84, and the other 13 were aged 85 or older. They died as soon as one day after an injection with the vaccine. 

“About half of them developed symptoms identified as side effects, such as fever, nausea and general unwellness in the days after vaccination. These complaints are not in themselves the cause of death, but may have contributed to the deterioration of their already fragile state of health in these frail older people,” Lareb said in a statement.

The organization pointed out that 200 nursing home residents die from Covid-19 out of an average of 750-800 weekly nursing home deaths.

Some 25 people also suffered from a severe allergic reaction to the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, with eight definitively determined to have had an anaphylactic response. In some cases it took several hours after the injection for the allergic reaction to develop.

A total of 2,812 patients have reported side effects which occurred soon after vaccination. Nearly 95 percent of these reports were from people given the vaccine from Pfizer/BioNTech, the first vaccine approved for use in Europe. The other 113 cases involved the Moderna vaccine, the second candidate approved. It was not immediately clear which vaccine was used in another 38 reports.

Lareb said that 1,476 people said they suffered from muscular pain, 1,356 had headaches, and 1,284 felt pain at the injection site. Fatigue (1,204), feeling unwell (1,170), chills (756), nausea (576) and fever (514) were the other top complaints. Most side effects reported were mild, and disappeared within a few days.

“These are known complaints with all vaccines. These complaints are also consistent with the effect of the coronavirus vaccines. The vaccines stimulate the body’s defense against the coronavirus.”

Fourteen people with epilepsy also had seizures after the vaccination, which could have been triggered by a fever caused by the shot.

An estimated 571,361 doses of a coronavirus vaccine have been administered in the Netherlands since January 6, including 321 thousand given out at a GGD location. Some 156,500 were given to long-term care home residents, and nearly 94 thousand were administered at a hospital.

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