BEAST (August 19, 2022)

Some Pastors Are Having Secret Church Services To Avoid Public Scrutiny During Pandemic

This pandemic has revealed a lot and it’s not only in our government, but also in the church. Many Pastors never expected to have to close their doors, some Pastors never closed their doors and some Pastors have had to close their doors permanently.

Many have questioned the motives of several Pastors that have refused to close their doors during this pandemic. Most defend their actions declaring it is their faith. They believe God and feel to no degree are they putting their members at risk.

The 2020 election came and took a front row seat in the minds of people all over the world. While it was an opportunity for some Pastors to crack the doors of their churches again while attention was elsewhere.

The numbers continue to rise especially in america for positive covid results while many are still gathering on a weekly basis for church. It is a very heated debate. There have been pastors arrested for refusing to close their doors. The big elephant in the room is, “is it their faith or fear”, “is it about the money over the care their congregation”.

Some declare we are living in the last days and this is what the Bible said would happen, but is that the case? Is the government telling us we can’t serve God or are they saying protect your people and don’t gather them in a closed in building during a pandemic?

Let us know your thoughts? These are just a few responses:

“I never thought I’d say this, but churches are going underground. These are not isolated cases – and the longer it goes on, more churches will join the movement,”

“We’ve carried on as normal [during the current lockdown]. We’re holding a couple of services each Sunday, with about 160 people attending in total.

“We’ve asked people to be discreet. This is not a stunt we’re pulling, we’re not seeking publicity. It was a big decision – I’ve never practiced civil disobedience before.”

The government had overreached itself, he added. “I don’t believe the government has the authority to tell the church of Jesus Christ that it can’t gather for worship. They have provided no evidence, they just classed us as non-essential. But we believe worship is the most essential thing in life.

“We answer to a higher authority. When there is a contradiction between the laws of the country and God’s command, the Bible is very clear that God’s command must win out.”

“We’re not law breakers, we want to comply with the law as much as possible,” he said. But, he added, there was a “greater law” than that made by the state.

“Since I went public, I have been contacted by many preachers, pastors and leaders who are continuing to hold services – and many others who wish they could. Every church makes its own decision.”

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