Simone Biles Continued To Create History At US Championships

Just 48 hours after being the first woman to land a double double off the balance beam, Simone Biles continued to write history on the second day of competition...

Just 48 hours after being the first woman to land a double double off the balance beam, Simone Biles continued to write history on the second day of competition at the U.S. Championships.

Sunday’s historical moment from Biles came on floor, but there were plenty of other highlights throughout the competition. A number of gymnasts moved up in the standings after the first night of competition. Here’s what the podium looked like on each event.


1. Simone Biles – Total: 30.85 

Day 2 Score: 15.45

Day two of competition looked great on Biles. Both of her vault landings were much more controlled than day one. Her block off the table on both the Cheng and her Amanar is unlike anyone else’s.

2. Jade Carey – Total: 29.9

Day 2 Score: 14.875

Vault and floor is where Carey thrives, and she did not disappoint on either event this weekend.

She was just two tenths shy of the gold medal, but when she gets her landings a little more under control, she might just give Biles a run for her money on this event.

3. MyKayla Skinner – Total: 29.525

Day 2 Score: 14.8

Skinner’s Cheng was much cleaner than her day one vault. Even with a big hop forward on her Amanar, Skinner’s form in the air looked improved, and she is making the 2.5 twist all the way around. Her two vault averages went up by almost two tenths between day one and day two of competition.


1. Sunisa Lee – Total: 29.8

Day 2 Score: 15.050

This bar routine was as beautiful as beautiful can get. Right from the start, Lee’s rhythm was much smoother looking than day one. Her Nabieva had a flatter body position, which allowed her to connect her Pak to her Shaposh to her full twisting Pak. She finished the routine with a great dismount and a score that was four tenths higher than day one.

2. Morgan Hurd – Total: 29.00

Day 2 Score: 14.6

Hurd had a rough start to her 2019 U.S. Championships. She pulled it together for day two and really showed what she is capable of on bars. There was no sense of hesitation on any skills throughout her routine and she ended it with a perfectly stuck full twisting double back dismount.

3. Simone Biles – Total: 28.8

Day 2 Score: 14.75

Biles has proven that she is now a contender on bars. She scored seven huge tenths higher than day one, and it was mainly because of her dismount. Bars was her last event of the night, and she was able to close out her 2019 championships with a stuck double double. Landing a routine with a huge smile from Biles is always a pleasure to watch.

Balance Beam

1. Simone Biles – Total: 29.65

Day 2 Score: 14.7

Fans didn’t get to see the double double dismount on beam, but they were able to see a much cleaner routine from Biles. Everything from her triple Wolf turn, to her triple series, to her perfect form dismount was better than day one.

2. Kara Eaker – Total: 28.65

Day 2 Score: 14.9

On day one, Eaker fell and had a big wobble on this event. She is coming off a gold medal win on beam at the Pan Am Games, and her day two routine showed how capable she is. Eaker’s routine is packed full of connections and her choreography is gorgeous to watch. She does not hold back in the difficulty department in this routine.

3. Leanne Wong – Total: 28.5

Day 2 Score: 14.55

There must be something in the water at G.A.G.E gymnastics. Eaker and Wong train together and their beam routines show it. Wong scored six tenths higher than day one with this routine. Her lines and execution from the first series to her triple full dismount are stunning.


1. Simone Biles – Total: 29.45

Day 2 Score: 15.1

If your mouth didn’t drop watching Biles’ historical triple twisting double back, you need to watch it again in slow motion. Her technique shines with this new pass of hers and it goes to show how important that part of gymnastics really is. It’s safe to say she came, she saw, and she more than conquered the 2019 U.S. Championships.

2. Jade Carey – Total 28.4

Day 2 Score: 14.1 

Carey’s floor routine is full of difficulty. She has a total of seven flips and six twists in her routine and somehow still has power left over. Her opening double twisting double layout is huge, but she did have to take a small hop out of bounds, which was an immediate three tenth deduction. A few cleaner landings from Carey and this routine has room for much more improvement.

3. Sunisa Lee – Total: 27.95

Day 2 Score: 14.00

Lee surprised a lot of people with her competition this weekend. At Classics, she only competed on two events and she ended her U.S. Championships on the podium three times. Every single landing of this routine was great and her artistry is so easy to watch. Keep an eye out for this athlete—she is quite the competitor.


1. Simone Biles – Total: 118.500

Day 2 Score: 59.85

Biles now has six straight U.S. Championship all-around wins and is now tied for the most in history.

Team USA


One more thing for tonight … @Simone_Biles extended her six-year win streak.


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2. Sunisa Lee – Total: 113.55

Day 2 Score: 56.65

Peaking at the right moment is every athlete’s goal, and Lee seems to be doing just that. She finished day one in second all-around and continued that momentum to stay in second through day two as well.

3. Grace McCallum – Total: 111.85

Day 2 Score: 56.95

McCallum had a rough day one with two falls on bars and beam. She came into day two of competition sitting in ninth place, but four hit routines later, she put herself on the podium. McCallum scored an entire point and a half higher with this beam routine on day two.

2019 Senior National Team

At the conclusion of the meet, USA Gymnastics announced the members of the 2019 senior national team:

Simone Biles

Jade Carey

Jordan Chiles

Kara Eaker

Morgan Hurd

Sunisa Lee

Grace McCallum

Riley McCusker

MyKayla Skinner

Trinity Thomas

Leanne Wong

USA Gymnastics


2019 Senior Women’s All-Around Medalists!

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Next, there will be a World Selection Camp to determine the team that will head to Stuttgart, Germany, for FIG World Championships at the beginning of October.

Full results of the 2019 U.S. Championships can be found here.

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