Report Claims Aaron Hernandez Murdered to Conceal his Bisexuality

The former NFL tight end was covering up much more than manslaughter.

Many individuals nationwide were left in a state of quandary when charges were initially brought against Aaron Hernandez for murder. Hernandez lived a life most individuals only could dream of, and it seemed as though he was very happy and successful in his life. Which led the public to believe that the murder of Odin Lloyd was an attempt to exonerate Hernandez. However, Hernandez was recently acquitted of that murder which means there had to be another motive.

Before Hernandez took his own life, he left three suicide notes. Two of them were addressed to his fiance and 4-year old daughter. The other letter being addressed to his gay lover, whom was also incarcerated with him. According to Newsweek, the former New England Patriots tight end had a longtime male lover who was a friend from high school.

Authorities following the case closely speculate that Lloyd had scandalous and incriminating pieces of information concerning Hernandez and his gay lover. The former NFL superstar did not want that information to leak into the public and alter his masculine image. He was seen as a tough, vigorous and Greek-God like, if that information would have surfaced who knows what would have transpired.

While many family members regarded Hernadez’s recent acquittal as a success, it could have been devastating for the former NFL tight-end. The public believed that he was killing Lloyd because he did not want to be ratted on, which would have perpetuated his tough-guy image, however after being acquitted of the murder, which Lloyd would have been the rat, it was only a matter of time before his in the closet nature was exposed.

In the end, everyone cannot deal with their own psychological troubles. Sometimes it is tough for individuals to deal with their reality as they have lived in a state of utopia for much of their life. Constantly living in denial can ultimately take a toll on you, coupled with being in a maximum security prison, it seems as if Hernandez just broke.

Hernandez reportedly moved “a large amount of money” into the lover’s bank account shortly before his arrest, the mag says. The prison boyfriend is also under “24/7 suicide watch.” Rest in peace, Aaron Hernandez.


Source: BET News

Featured Image: WGBH News

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