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Read What Larry King Suggested To Be Written In His Obituary

A few years ago, TV and radio host Larry King celebrated the 60th anniversary of his broadcasting career by visiting his old workplaces where his career began: Miami Beach and Miami.

As he tooled south on Miami’s Biscayne Boulevard in the back seat of a limo after a visit to North Bay Village, where, in 1960, he started broadcasting his celebrity interviews from the WIOD-610 AM studios, his mind turned to obituaries.

Larry Harvey Zeiger died Saturday morning at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, his TV production company, Ora Media, announced on his Twitter page.

For his own obituary, King suggested a fanciful headline and specific introduction. With a mischievous smile, he leaned in and, in that familiar voice steeped in the timbre of his New York City birthplace, he offered:

“Headline: Oldest man who ever lived died today. He was found in bed with a 30-year-old woman, shot by the husband in the head. He died instantly and it took three days to wipe the smile off his face. You probably knew him as Larry King. He was 127, had all of his faculties. He was still broadcasting and had his 120th anniversary show, and he did the broadcast from the old Miami Herald building.”

King leaned back, content, and added his job description.

I’d like it to say, ‘He provided information.’”

Consider it done, ol’ pal.

King was 87 and provided information for millions of viewers and listeners who have followed his career from the late 1950s on South Florida radio.

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