Psalm West to Start His Own Business at 14 Days Old

Psalm West is already part of the Kardashian empire, because he’s about to fire up his own business … and he’s just 14 days old.

Kim Kardashian filed for trademark protection under her company so Psalm’s name can be used for hair accessories, including barrettes, bands, bows, clips, ties, ornaments, pins, scrunchies, chopsticks, twisters and wraps.

The legal docs also include hair extensions and ornamental novelty pins.

And, it goes on … entertainment services, personal appearances, skin care, probiotic supplements, toy figures and doll accessories, computer software, clothing, baby bottles, furniture, strollers, beverageware, swaddling blankets … and on and on.

As long as we’re talking … skin moisturizers, lotions, creams, bubble bath, fragrances, body powders, shower gels, body oils, skin serums, nail polish, nail polish remover, nail care preparations … and on and on.

Okay … there’s more — puppets, puzzles, toy jewelry, toy cameras, toy food, bath toys, baby gyms, playground balls, electronic action toys, baby bouncers, baby changing tables, baby walkers, pillows, mirrors, cushions, picture frames and playpens.

We forgot to mention baby carriers, cosmetic bags, toiletry cases, duffle bags, umbrellas, clocks, watches, key chains, calendars, books, photo albums, stationery, stickers, writing utensils and collectible trading cards.

Now, this is sort of interesting … it seems every time a Kardashian/Jenner has a baby, they file the trademark protections for their newborns, yet rarely do they actually launch businesses with their names. Two possibilities — one, that they are blocking others from using their kids’ names, and 2 — that at some point in the future the kids may start businesses and they don’t want to be blocked out.