BEAST (August 19, 2022)

Popular Texas Pastor Has Died Of Covid19

Ricky Texada, beloved senior pastor at Covenant Church in North Texas, died Monday at the age of 57 from COVID-19.

Texada had been a pastor at the church since 1997. He served at the Colleyville campus until about a year ago, when he moved to the main campus in Carrollton.

He married his wife, Cyd, who is also a pastor at Covenant Church, in 1998 and they have two sons, Seth and Caleb, according to his obituary. Caleb Texada, a Grapevine High School football player, visited his dad in the ICU before scoring a touchdown in the second half of Grapevine’s game against Colleyville Heritage on Friday. Seth also played football and graduated from Grapevine in 2019.

In 2014, Ricky Texada wrote the book “My Breaking Point, God’s Turning Point,” which highlights his journey facing unexpected loss and heartache through his faith after his first wife, Debra, died in a car accident.

Philip Murdoch, senior pastor at Ilan Church in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, saw first-hand how impactful Texada’s sermons were through his family, he told the Star-Telegram. After growing up in Rio de Janeiro and moving to North Texas, Murdoch’s children got involved in Covenant Church about four years ago. Since then, they saw how Texada helped make people feel loved at the church.

“His sermons kind of drip with love,” Murdoch said. “The love that [Murdoch’s family] have been filled with through his teaching and through his leadership there at the church, that is the main quality that is so visible through his ministries.”

News of his death was shared with the congregation through an Instagram post from the church on Monday.

The post has received thousands of reactions and hundreds of comments mixed with disbelief and prayers for Texada’s family.

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