BEAST (August 19, 2022)

Pastor Tony Evans Shares He Has Tested Positive For Covid19 And His Ministry Offices Were Devastated In Texas Storm

It’s been a difficult week for us at The Urban Alternative, but we are continuing to thank God for His grace, covering and presence. ->
-> It started last Friday with my positive COVID diagnosis for which I’m continuing to seek treatment, and coveting the prayers of our ministry family, partners and church members. I shared this news with our church last Saturday.

Then, the winter freeze hit Texas and has caused so much damage to so many people’s homes, health, businesses, churches and more. These two photos are of our offices for The Urban Alternative where dedicated team members have been shipping anything and everything you’ve requested from our ministry over the years (books, CDs, DVDs). As you can see, the pipes burst and the entire facility is flooded. I share this to help encourage more people to pray for those who are truly impacted by this weather. Our offices will be fine. We will rebuild.

We will continue serving those who partner with us in ministry. But because Texas is not a cold-winter-state, many people have lost much more than this. Power grids have completely shut down in some areas causing internal temperatures to get dangerously low. Many are now without water. Frozen pipes have caused homes, churches and businesses to flood. Livestock has been affected. The elderly have been shut in, some unable to get the medical help they need.

Will you join me in praying for everyone struggling through this storm? Will you remember to bring those in need before the throne of our great King? God bless you as you do this for others. Prayers make a difference.

-> Lord willing, I plan to preach a sermon on Job which we will post on Sunday, on our church’s channels and on our ministry’s social media channels. Please pray for me as I prepare for this message. And check back in on Sunday to hear what God has put on my heart for so many facing a difficult season right now. God is good and He IS faithful.

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