BEAST (August 19, 2022)

Pastor says, “If you believed the Bible, you’d know that Joe Biden is not the president.”

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Greg J, tropicalvacationing behind Kennemy lines@InfoTrekCalgary
Replying to @RightWingWatchI really hope he and his “church” don’t have tax-exempt status. Or if they do, it’s not for much longer. This clearly violates the rule prohibiting political activism.

Green Man@Green_Man_FanReplying to @RightWingWatchwhy did conservatives choose the bible of all books to try and claim as their own? jesus would be accused of being a communist in today’s world

Eliot Rosewater@SteveSchindler9Replying to @RightWingWatchI believe the Bible and it says Greg Locke is not really a Christian pastor.

Mark Thompson@MarkThompsonSr
Replying to @RightWingWatchWhere do u all find these people? This is shameful & pitiful. This is the same guy who will close his prayer with.. “ Now to The God who is the After & OMAGA” Lord help this nation!!!!

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