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Pastor Has Gone From Being Homeless To Feeding The Homeless

Bonnie Turner is a co-pastor at the Blessing Corner Ministries in Central Bakersfield. She’s dedicated the past 25 years of her life to feeding the homeless and giving back to her community. For Turner, ministry starts outside the walls of her church.

“It is our belief that the churches are the ones that are supposed to help those that are in need,” Turner said. “Wherever you are, in any community.”

But Turner wasn’t always dedicated to serving her community. She was going to law school when she realized her life had a different purpose.

“I got a call from the Lord that I tried so hard to avoid,” Turner said.

This happened in 1996. At that time she, her husband, and four kids were homeless.

“Being homeless with children is one of the most frightening experiences,” Turner said. “That experience is, I guess, what the Lord used to bring us to the position where not only to we love on these individuals, these families that we have. But we’re so honored to be here for them.”

In 2005 she bought a building on Union Avenue, right next to Fremont Elementary School.
And since then, she and her husband have transformed it into the Blessing Corner Ministries.

“That’s what truly draws me to her, it’s not about getting that recognition or anything, it’s just about serving, serving the people,” said Timi Ann Mongold, a Blessing Corner Volunteer.

Turner and her husband are co-pastors at the church. They often organize food giveaways and other events to support the surrounding community.

“Miss Bonnie does it all, she drives the forklifts, she’s sorting, she’s on the phone, she’s emailing,” Mongold said.

Turner has dozens of volunteers who come to help almost every week. But she often does most of the work.

“She’s a great leader, you know, i was in the military for 21 years so I know leadership,” said Georgina Atchison, a Blessing Corner Volunteer. “And it’s a pleasure and honor to work for her, or with her, everyday.”

Adventist Health will hold a COVID vaccine clinic at the Blessing Corner on Thursday, March 18 from 9a.m. to 1:40p.m. The address is 101 Union Avenue, Bakersfield. It’ll be open to seniors and those with underlying health conditions.

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