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Pastor And Wife Took A Quick Vacation To Vegas Now He Has Died Of COVID19

On Tuesday, November 24, Gregory Bundy, the assistant pastor at Greater Page Temple Church of God in Christ, died.

His daughter, Shonda, said the cause was coronavirus-induced pneumonia.

“He loved his family, he loved his church, and he was just an awesome man,” Shonda Bundy said.

Gregory Bundy grew up coming to the Greater Page Temple Church of God in Christ in South L.A. Eventually, he became an elder and then one of its pastors.

Family members shared that the 65-year-old gave so much back to his community through the charity he started, “Blessed Ministry,” which donated to those in need.

At the beginning of November, Pastor Bundy, who had diabetes and high blood pressure, took a mini-vacation to Las Vegas with his wife and daughter. When they returned, all three tested positive for coronavirus, and he succumbed to the illness just this week.

“They definitely should have held back on the traveling and people in general need to hold back on the traveling because you just never know where you can get it from,” Shonda Bundy said.

The Bundys unexpected loss of a man regarded as the glue of the family is a big blow and has changed the family dynamics forever.

“He taught us all life lessons that we can take home with us our entire life he was definitely a family man and we were all inspired by him,” said his grandson Khemanni Davis.

Shonda Bundy wants her father’s death to serve as a lesson to all.

“You have to wear your mask and protect yourself and carry around hand sanitizer because COVID-19, it’s real.”A GoFundMe account has been established to help fund Bundy’s funeral service.

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