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North Carolina Pastor, 25 Shot And Killed Outside Of His Home Days After His Ordination

The High Point Police Department is asking the community for information in connection to a deadly shooting Tuesday.

Police said 25-year-old Robert Booth was shot around 8:30 p.m. outside his home on Ardale Drive. First responders attempted lifesaving measures and transported Booth to the hospital, where he later died.

Investigators have not been able to find or apprehend the suspects in the shooting, so now they’re turning to the community. Officers, along with members of the group High Point Community Against Violence, canvassed the East Village Apartment Condominiums Friday morning, handing out flyers and talking to neighbors.

“We put the information in their hands so they can see and read what we’re talking about,” said Lt. Matt Truitt. “Some people didn’t even know that it happened.”

Those that did know Booth are living through the grief of losing him, including his fellowship. Booth had been ordained as a pastor just days before his death by Bishop Kerry Thomas.

“The streets were Robert’s pulpit,” Thomas said. “Just the very fabric of who he was, outside of him being a pastor, outside of him being clergy, he was just a good human being.”

Thomas said Booth’s ministry was unique, in the way he could strike up a conversation with anyone, no matter their background. When he heard Booth might’ve been doing just that, talking with the suspects about God, he said he wasn’t surprised.

“He instantaneously had just this gift to know a stranger,” Thomas said. “He’d embrace that person, not for what they were at that moment, but for who they could be.”

Thomas said their church is organizing a memorial for Booth on Sunday afternoon. It’s at 4 p.m. at God’s United House of Grace and Mercy, which is located at 1309 Leonard Ave, High Point, NC.

While they’ll mourn his death, the bishop said they’ll also be singing, in honor of what brought Booth to the church.

The High Point Police Department said it’s looking for two suspects, described as Black men of varying heights. The department also released surveillance photos of the car they believe the suspects used to drive away from the crime scene. They said it’s a burgundy Hyundai Santa Fe and it’s estimated to be a model between 2008-2010.

Police also said they’ve connected this murder with another homicide in High Point, but did not explain how.

If you have any information, you’re asked to contact HPPD or Crime Stoppers.

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