Ms. Robbie Of Sweetie Pie’s Takes To Social Media About Not Being Allowed To See Her Grandson

Source: Tommaso Boddi / Getty “Welcome To Sweetie Pies?” was a hit from the day it hit the air on OWN Network. Ms. Robbie is a personality in and...

PASADENA, CA – FEBRUARY 22: (L-R) Actors Robbie Montgomery, Jenae Wallick, Tim Norman, Charles Crenchaw and guests attend the 45th NAACP Image Awards held at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium on February 22, 2014 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/WireImage)

Source: Tommaso Boddi / Getty

“Welcome To Sweetie Pies?” was a hit from the day it hit the air on OWN Network. Ms. Robbie is a personality in and of herself. Her resume goes deep and wide from singing with Tina Turner to being a successful black woman. Ms. Robbie quickly became the global black communities grandmother. She could say it sweet and be compassionate or she could say it colorfully to make sure you got the point!

Ms. Robbie’s son and business partner Tim was in a longtime relationship with his girlfriend Jenae Wallick. As we often see in reality tv it seemingly takes a toll on relationships. Tim and Jenae had a son name Timmy. He appeared to b e the apple of his grandma’s eye.

The show abruptly went off the air rather quietly. Accusations of abuse was made public against Tim Norman and many speculated that was the reason Oprah’s “OWN” Network cut ties. All speculation never confirmed by either network or cast of, “Welcome To Sweetie Pies”.

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Ms. Robbie recently got on Instagram and accused Jenae of keeping her son’s side of the family away from Timmy.

In her Instagram post celebrating Timmy’s 9th birthday, Ms. Robbie said, “Happy Birthday Timmy! Grandma love you even though I can’t see you. Your daddy side of the family misses you and one day we’ll see you.”

Ms. Robbie was openly discussing the situation with her IG following, “You all are right. Grandparents do have rights. And I’m going to make sure I get mine. I’m a fighter, not a quitter and I’ll go all the way.”

Jenae responded to Ms. Robbie with some thoughts of her own about their family drama…with text message receipts and a question and answer session with her followers.

In her Instagram stories, Jenae posted a text message telling Robbie that both she and Tim were invited over to her house to celebrate Timmy’s birthday because they had already made plans to have a movie night. The two had other ideas in mind and declined the invitation.

Over the text messages, she wrote: “Fake ass narrative to please your spirit. To be clear, both granny and his sperm donor were invited over to my house. They declined.”

After that, Jenae launched a question and answer session. She said she’d been holding her tongue for nine years trying to be the bigger person. But she’s done with that. She told people to ask her what they wanted to know.

The first question: “Was Tim abusive? I saw signs on the show that seemed as though he possibly was.”

Jenae responded, “Yup…I should’ve left then…”

Someone else asked about her relationship with Ms. Robbie.

Jenae said they were good until recently. So good that her boys were at her house two weeks ago. Then she shared their text correspondence.

Another person asked if Tim spends time with his son. Jenae said he hasn’t in the past four years. Jenae also claims that she does not receive child support from Tim.

In the midst of all of this, Jenae must have accused Tim of running Ms. Robbie’s account. And she vehemently denied those claims.

‘Tim is not running my own account. I know how to post. This is what she said. I don’t have anything to do with her and Tim. Tim ain’t even thinking about her. That’s the problem.”

Jenae was in the comment section, letting people know that she is happily married. 

Later, she came to her senses and said, ‘You know I decided I’m not going to stoop to nobody else’s level. It’s all about money and I know I’ve spent a lot on TJ. So if it ain’t about money, what is it about? Every mother wants their child to be with their father. So what’s the problem? It’s got to be about money. And the cameras ain’t rolling so you need to get off of it. This is my last post. I’m not posting no more on this. I’ll see her in court. Bye bye.”

Back on Jenae’s page someone provided an eye witness account of Tim abusing her in New York. The person wrote:

“Hi there. I know I’ve never said anything to you, but if you ever need a witness to Tim’s abuse, my friends and I have your back. You don’t know us but we were outside soho that night when Tim grabbed you and threw you on the car. I don’t know who you were with but they kinda just stood by so my friend ran over to pull him off of you. Then Tim got in his car and drove off. You were in such shock. I am so sorry that happened to you. We have no really talked about it or made it public in anyway out of respect for you but I just [saw] your post abou this absue and want you to know we can vouch for you 200%.

But yeah if you need us to back you up anytime, we got you for sure.”

Lastly, another person asked why Ms. Robbie doesn’t have similar energy for “that deadbeat son of hers.”

Jenae said, “A mother’s love…. It’s okay. God always works things out.”

We hope they are able to clear this up soon. We love this family!

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