Who’s Dat customer Alexia Washington only wanted to get a quick meal. According to The Clarion-Ledger, Washington and her roommate pulled around, picked up their food and received a receipt with the words “Black b***hes in silver car” printed at the top on June 7.

The victim published a post on Facebook documenting the bigotry. In that now-deleted post, Washington said she did not have an altercation with the male worker to prompt the negative response.

“My car isn’t silver, for one,” Washington wrote. “For two, I wasn’t rude. I didn’t have any type of hostility. He didn’t have any hostility with me.”

The Clarion-Ledger reports the woman attempted to contact the restaurant owner before posting the receipt. After a number of unanswered texts and calls, she used Facebook to voice her frustrations over the incident.

Facebook user Jakez Smith, a friend of Washington’s, also posted a photo of the receipt. He claimed the management ignored Washington’s grievances when she told them about the receipt.

“I seek justice for this hate crime and I will no longer remain silent,” she wrote. “I’ve lived in Oxford for 5 years and I’m still having to deal with this type of ignorance. I’m not a rude or hateful person. I was not rude when I was at this establishment and was greeted with this kind of service. I will not stand for it.”

As her post quickly picked up steam, the owner of the restaurant replied to the post stating the worker was terminated for his actions.

“A Who Dat’s Drive-Thru employee was terminated immediately from their position upon recognition of a foul identifier used in a transaction ticket on June 7th, 2019,” the statement read. “As of Monday, June 10, 2019, they are banned from the property in accordance to our new by-laws.”

“There is no justice to this immediately & we will respond to everyone in time.” the post continued. “We apologize for this situation and will grow from it.”