BEAST (August 19, 2022)

Memphis Pastor Is Followed Then Shot After

A memphis pastor was shot Monday, one of thee people shot in the area in a matter of hours.

Pastor Ricky Floyd survived, but ironically, the shooting happened the same night as a local TV station shared his testimony of helping teens escape violence in his neighborhood. Floyd shared his story of survival exclusively with WREG-TV.

Floyd, pastor at the Pursuit of God Transformation Center, spent his Monday night mentoring young men. He said he left feeling good because they were changing people lives that night.

But shortly after, things changed quickly for the pastor.

“Somebody was trailing me and for some reason they unloaded several rounds into my car,” Floyd said. “Five hit the car and one hit my leg.”

Floyd said the bullet went straight through his leg, but he said he saw God at work even through that bullet.

“It didn’t hit any bones or veins,” Floyd said. “So I’m able to walk less that 24 hours after a bullet wound through the leg that went all the way through.”

Floyd was one of three people shot in Frayser in just hours, and on the same day he was on NewsChannel 3 speaking out against violence.

Memphis Police said two other people were hurt on Frayser Boulevard in a shootout between two cars. Floyd said his wound will heal quicker than dealing with the pain of the growing crime in his community.

“That hurt me. That hurt me more than the fact that I got shot, that it happened in this community,” Floyd said. “

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