Mattel Introduces the First Barbie to Wear a Hijab…The Hijarbie

Olympic Fencer, Ibtihaj Muhammad partners with Mattel to create the first Barbie to wear a Hijab

Barbie dolls have been around since 1959. Just about every little girl in this world has enjoyed playing with Barbie, treating her as their best friend; Brushing her hair, dressing her up, and playing pretend in her big, bright, pink dream house. On November 13th, 2017 a new addition to the Barbie family was introduced. The doll was inspired by the Olympic Fencer, Idtihaj Muhamma. The new Barbie is called the “Hijarbie”. Ibtihaj Muhammad was the first woman in the Olympics to wear a hijab. Muhammad and Barbie are both making history by being the first to wear hijabs amongst their peers. This doll inspires little girls across the world and shows them that it is okay to embrace their culture and be themselves.





Inset Image: Twitter, Inc.

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