Authorities in #LosAngeles believe a man is battering Orthodox Jewish women and pulling their wigs off in public.

The #LosAngelesPoliceDepartment released a photo of the hate crime suspect Wednesday, asking for the public’s help in identifying the man who has been targeting Los Angeles’ #NorthHollywood community.

The suspect, who is described as white and between the ages of 25 and 30, has been doing so since September 19th, which was when the Jewish community was celebrating the #YomKippur holiday. Orthodox Jewish women often wear wigs, scarfs, or hats to cover their hair as a symbol of modesty, according to authorities investigating the incidents.

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In that first incident, the man striked in the afternoon on Bellaire Avenue near Burbank Boulevard. An 80-year-old woman was walking when she said she noticed she was being followed by the suspect. She said he approached her, grabbed the wig off her head, then smiled and handed it back to her.

The suspect never said anything to the woman and calmly walked away. That same day, he allegedly did the same thing to a 36-year-old woman walking in that same area. That victim said she was approached from behind and that the man attempted to pull her wig off.

On Tuesday, a 58-year-old victim said she was loading music equipment into her vehicle located in the area of Laurel Canyon and Burbank boulevards. The same man allegedly approached her and pulled the wig off her head. He then stated to the woman, “Oh, I’m sorry” in a sarcastic tone and threw her wig on the ground.

Police say all three women are part of the Orthodox Jewish community residing in the area where the crimes occurred.

“The suspect appears to have battered the women and targeted their wigs because of their religious beliefs,” police said.


PHOTO CREDIT: Los Angeles Times