Love and Hip Hop Star says she wants to work with Tyler Perry!

Amara La Negra on Mira Queen BailaPHOTO: UNIVISION Amara La Negra is grateful for her reality television start, but she’s ready to take over the world — and she’s...

Amara La Negra on Mira Queen BailaPHOTO: UNIVISION

Amara La Negra is grateful for her reality television start, but she’s ready to take over the world — and she’s starting with Hollywood. The singer and actress, who is gearing up to conclude her turn on Univision’s reality dancing competition Mira Quien Baila during Sunday’s finale, is focused on making music and auditioning for her next big role.

There’s a big collaboration in the wings with fellow Miami artist Pitbull, as well as a possible tour alongside the Cuban-American singer. Jullian  Boothe, management for Amara, confirmed the duo will work on a song together for her new album.

I’m definitely going to be dropping a lot of music this year because I want people to focus more on my abilities and not so much the drama,” Amara, born Diana Danelys De Los Santos, said. “I am not a reality star, it just so happens that you can see me on reality TV.

My EP will be released on February 22, but that’ll just be a taste of what my album will be. Hopefully, I’ll have the ready to go out in the summer. Then in the fall, I’ll possibly be going on tour with a major artist, whose name I’m not supposed to say yet but he’s a Cuban artist from Miami and the whole world knows him.

But I didn’t say any names!

Pitbull isn’t the only power player on the mind of the Love and Hip-Hop: Miami star. She admits that she’d love to follow-up her debut movie Fall Girls with a role in a Tyler Perry film.

Does this mean an end to her time on the VH-1 reality series that gave her her major break?

MIAMI, FLORIDA – NOVEMBER 06: Amara La Negra attends MTV +1 The Vote ‘Election Afterparty’ at Miami Dade College on November 06, 2018 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images)GETTY

I never thought I’d do more than two seasons and what’s airing now is the second season,” she said. “I’m not sure right now if I’ll do a third one. Love and Hip Hop has opened up a lot of doors for me by putting me in front of so many people every week, even if what audiences saw was the drama. I think the people that follow me on social media know the truth about me and who I am. I don’t like that I’m not always portrayed in the most positive light, especially during this season.

I pray that God gives me a banger of a song and maybe more opportunities to do movies. I would love to work with Tyler Perry, for example. I want to work on more Hollywood projects. If I had more of those types of opportunities, I may just not do more reality TV unless it was my own spin-off.

Her appearance on Mira Quien Baila is helping to bring visibility to Afro-Latinas, who have long dealt with racism and colorism in both the English and Spanish language markets. She hopes that others like her are inspired to follow their dreams and to be proud of who they are.

I’ve been so grateful for the love from my fellow Afro-Latinas,” she said passionately. “It took me going on Love and Hip-Hop for people to really pay attention to me. I’ve been talking about racism and colorism issues forever. Being on the show helped me put the conversation out there to a bigger audience. A lot of people think that race and colorism issues only take place in the United States, but that’s just not true. It sadly happens all over the world, including in Latin America.

I’m hoping that my success gives hope to others that they can achieve their dreams too. They can be on a stage, just like me if that’s what they want.

She added ,”I feel that I haven’t really had the opportunity to work the Latin market as much, not just musically, but I haven’t been able to be that vocal in the Latin market, yet. The Latin market isn’t as open minded as the American market. We’re not put out in the mainstream. We are not being given the same opportunities based on our looks, and when we are, it’s mainly those who are lighter shades.

We should be hired based on talent and our knowledge. We are not given opportunities because we are not physically commercial looking or what people think Latinas should look like. Things need to change.”


As she forges ahead, Amara will continue to work as hard as possible, no matter the sacrifice. She’s almost done on the competition series, where she’s a top contender alongside her dance partner Toni Costa while also learning more about herself.

I take naps,” she said is her secret to balancing all her projects. “I don’t get eight hours of sleep or anything near that. It would be impossible for me to accomplish all the things that I’m doing if I did. I know it’s not the healthiest way of doing things, but I am hungry to do so many things. I believe in sacrifice and I know that I was born to be great. I have a purpose and I know where I am going.

Last night, I went to sleep at 4 am learning a script for an audition I have coming up for a Netflix series. I have to make time for rehearsals and shooting Love and Hip-Hop. It’s hard, it’s tough but I make those sacrifices.”

She added, “What I learned from my time on Mira Quien Baila is that I’m stronger than I ever imagined. Dancing for as many hours as we have to, then shooting and learning scripts for auditions, then working on my music takes so much. Some people can do Mira Quien Bailaand then go home.

All that time and effort that I put into all of this has shown me how much mental strength I have. I am grateful for that.”




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