BEAST (August 19, 2022)

Love And Hip Hop Star Goes Live During Domestic Violence Incident

Some are calling it a cry for help! Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star Brandi Boyd went Live on Instagram during what sounded like an argument with her husband. She did not activate the camera it was video only.

Marcus Boyd aka Max Lux was heard cursing and threatening Brandi. It was sad to hear as one of their kids could be heard crying in the background. Max went as far as to say, “I’m about to f**K you up b***h.”

At one point, Brandi is heard telling her son to call the police, and remarks, “Last time y’all see him beat on me. You won’t have to see this ever again. I promise,” she said. “Never again will you see your mom get beat on.”

In response, Max says, “Bye, b—h.”

Blogger Fee from Gossip of the City shared the audio and you can see concerned Instagram users during the Live urging someone to call the police and asking if she’s okay.

Brandi has now posted this on her IG:

Domestic violence is not something to take lightly! Prayers up!

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