BEAST (August 19, 2022)

Judge Mablean Announces The Passing Of Her Nephew-Son Gregory

My heart is heavy. My nephew-son, Gregory Freeman, transitioned from earth to glory Thursday, Jan 7,2021
I promised his mother, my dear friend, Margie Freeman, b4 her death that I would “look out” for her 5 children . Greg was the eldest. I did not have 2 do too much “looking out” 4 him. He was such a kind, gentle, compassionate man. Greg always had a smile. I never heard him complain. I never saw him angry. I never heard him raise his voice. Always helpful, in any way he could, from electrical work to handy work.

He loved MEF -Honoring Unsung Fathers (HUF) event. A volunteer , from the first HUF Father’s Day event in 2004 to the last in person HUF, 2018. Greg was there. He could be counted on to do the heavy lifting; to run errands, whatever he was asked to do, or whatever he saw needed to be done, . Greg did it all, quietly, efficiently and with a smile, without thought of recompense .
He did the same for me in my home , as well as for his church and for his siblings, especially is lil sis Wendy, and countless others, known and unknown. Greg loved as Christ requires, unconditionally.
He loved his wife and children. He even loved those who mistreated him.
He suffered with his illnesses without murmuring, enduring hardship as a good soldier.
Greg, you earned your crown. You have entered into eternal rest. We will miss you. But, we shalll never forget you. Your works speak for you. You worked while it was day. Night has come. No more work. Rest.
Lovingly, Auntie-Mom, Mablean

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