BEAST (August 19, 2022)

Judge Grants Compassionate Release To Stepdaughter Of Popular Convicted Preacher

One of the women in prison for threatening the victim in the Toledo pastor sex trafficking trial has been granted compassionate release.

Alexis Fortune was granted release by federal Judge Bernard A. Friedman on Thursday. She will serve the remainder of her imprisonment in home confinement. The government made an oral request to stay defendant’s release in order to investigate an appeal.

In November 2019, Fortune pleaded guilty to witness tampering in the case. Her pleas called for four years in prison. She had been indicted on charges of tampering with a witness, using a firearm during a crime of violence and making a false statement.

Fortune and Alisa Haynes were accused of kidnapping a female victim, allegedly choking her with a cord and putting a gun to her head. The two tried to convince the victim not to testify in the sex trafficking of a child trial of Pastors Anthony Haynes and Cordell Jenkins. Alisa Haynes is the wife of Anthony Haynes.

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