Is Lonzo Ball the Lakers Messiah?

Lavar Ball, outspoken father of Lonzo Ball, prophesied his son’s future into existence. Now that Lonzo Ball is officially a Laker, it’s time to get to work. The burning...

Lavar Ball, outspoken father of Lonzo Ball, prophesied his son’s future into existence. Now that Lonzo Ball is officially a Laker, it’s time to get to work. The burning question is, where will the Los Angeles Lakers go next? Will Lonzo Ball be able to attract talent to Los Angeles? Is the team management competent enough to assemble a viable championship roster?

Lonzo Ball and his high strung father have self-proclaimed themselves into greatness thus far. His marketing plan is genius and you cannot hate on the Big Baller Brand. However, now it is the turn of an era. All the talking and legendary comparisons is slowly coming to a halt. It is now time for Lonzo to either put up or shut up. Despite all the smoke and mirrors, the young Californian kid’s game is actually very solid. His level of distributorship is supreme. Always looking to move the ball to the center of the court and get individuals around him involved. On the other hand, he has the ability to take the clutch shot and score from deep. With the right pieces around him, Lonzo definitely can bring “Showtime” back to the Lakers.

In the post-Kobe Bryant era of LA Lakers basketball, they are essentially in the rebuilding process. Trying to find the next legend that will elevate them back to championship level. However, in today’s league one or two weapons is certainly not going to get the job done. Essentially, you must assemble a juggernaut loaded with versatile players in order to win a title. Therefore, Lonzo Ball may not be the “Messiah” for LA. In the sentiments of urban philosopher Tupac Shakur, I’m not saying Lonzo Ball will change the Lakers or basketball but I guarantee that he will be the catalyst that excels the franchise. As I alluded to earlier, the questions still remains, will management be competent enough to propel the Lakers forward?

It’s certainly hard to believe that the Lakers could ever be lack luster with Majic “Showtime” Johnson in the front office. The effervescence of his personality allows for proper and appropriate business to be conducted. Which surprisingly gives the Lakers a competitive advantage juxtaposed to other teams in the league. Additionally, the Lakers have made several other solid moves this off-season. The acquisition of Brook Lopez, and the riddance of problem child De’Angelo Russell has the moral in Los Angeles at a state of equilibrium. Bringing Lonzo in has significantly boosted their confidence.

Above all, I am certain that the Los Angeles Lakers principle goal is to build towards a championship. They must take the baby steps to success in order to accomplish this feat. If they put in the requisite effort to get one percent better everyday it will make a world of difference. Hopefully, Lonzo Ball can make a positive impact on the locker room. For now this story is a cliffhanger, until the season tips off. Next is free agency. Stay tuned! Joy105 will be providing an in depth look at NBA free agency.



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