Bill Cosby Has To Be Listed As A Lifetime Sex Offender Now!

“Cosby is furiousOpens a New Window.!” tattled a spy in the felon’s inner circle.  “The results of that evaluation are a key reason why he booted his legal team!” ...

Cosby is furiousOpens a New Window.!” tattled a spy in the felon’s inner circle.  “The results of that evaluation are a key reason why he booted his legal team!” 

The two-day “sexually violent predator assessment” took place at Cosby’s suburban Philadelphia estate in June, conducted by four mental health professionals.

The group concluded he should be labeled a Tier III predator — the most severe level of sex offenders!

Ironically, at his trial, Cosby turned down a deal for a six-month jail term and “low-level offender” status, a stigma that would have been erased in under a year.

Instead, Cosby — who was convicted of drugging and sexually abusingAndrea ConstandOpens a New Window. — faces up to 30 years behind bars!
“It was obvious during the evaluation that Mr. Cosby believed his lawyers let him down,” the spy said.

Philadelphia criminal defense attorney A. Charles Peruto Jr., who was not involved in the case, added: “Turning down a plea deal in this case was as foolish as telling the jury how much he paid to settle it!”

The former Jell-O pitchman, 81, exploded again during another evaluation session when the psychologists questioned him about his use of Quaaludes with Constand and other alleged victims.

“He snapped,” the source told Radar exclusively. “He shouted at them that they were trying to trap him into saying things that would incriminate him further!”

In a bizarre twist, the evaluation took place in the same living room where Cosby assaulted Constand in 2004!

“It was surreal,” the source said. “The panel didn’t catch on at first, but when they did, there was a definite tension.”

At trial, Constand testified Cosby forced her to take blue pills that rendered her unconscious. When she awoke, she said, her clothing was in disarray, her bra was undone and the sleazeball was groping her.

The panel pressed Cosby for details of the attack, but the creep brushed off their questions.

“He simply shrugged and said, ‘No, no, we don’t want to talk about that,’” the source divulged.

Stunned by Cosby’s total indifference, the panel threatened to terminate the sessions if he continued to dodge their questions.

“The second session ended on a really bad note,” the source added. “They felt like the only thing they heard from Cosby were jokes.”

After the final session, according to the source, one panelist dropped his own dark wisecrack: “Bill Cosby makes Casey Anthony Opens a New Window.look like St. Anthony.”

In the end, the source said the psychologists felt Cosby failed to show remorse, or even felt he had done anything wrong!

Cosby remains confined to his home until his Sept. 24 sentencing, and must wear an ankle bracelet to track his every move.

According to the source, one shrink concluded: “His behavior is the textbook definition of an alienated sociopath.”



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