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TV  ONE  ORIGINAL  SERIES  WE’RE  THE  CAMPBELLS  DEBUTS  ON  TUESDAY,  JUNE  19  AT  8  P.M.  ET/7C TV  One  is  set  to  premiere  its  latest  original  docu-series,  WE’RE  THE  CAMPBELLS...


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TV  One  is  set  to  premiere  its  latest  original  docu-series,  WE’RE  THE  CAMPBELLS on Tuesday,  June 19 at 8  p.m.  ET/7C.  The  nine  episode  docu-series  will  give  viewers  an  intimate  glimpse  into  the  lives  of  Gospel  entertainment  power  couple  Warryn and Erica  Campbell,  as  they  tackle  the  everyday  struggles  that  come  with  balancing  familyand  work,  nurturing  their  marriage,  building  their  individual  careers,  and  fostering  their  faith;  all  while  raising  their  three  children  Warryn,  Zaya and  teenager  Krista.TV  One  will  also  feature  the  couple  in  its  ongoing  online  series  #BLACKLOVE and  a  digital  exclusive  after  show  …WITH  WARRYN  &  ERICA.  The  weekly  online  companion  content  will  getup-close-and  personal  with  Warryn and Erica,  as  they  reveal  how  they  have  dealt  with  common  issues  that  could  make  or  break  any  relationship. Correspondent, Joy Smith was able to speak with the couple and got some great advice for Millennial’s and tips on balancing life! 

Question: What is your advice for Millennial’s entering the workforce trying to find their place yet maintain their faith? 

Answer: (Erica) Your emotions and moods can change daily, from a movie you watch to the music you listen to. The difference is when you are rooted and grounded in who you are and who God said you will be. When its something of substance, value and purpose you cant be moved as easily. That refers to relationships and work. One thing that is bad about Millennial’s is the constant push of “individual islands.” Yes were individuals but we all live on this earth together so we have to find ways to be open and understand that not only am I an individual but there’s millions and billions of people that are individuals as well. When we understand we are a part of a bigger picture and humanity, we can love each other better. Don’t look at what others are doing, focus on YOUR role. Are you the planter, the leaves, the water? We are all planting seeds and much more interconnected than we think. 

Question: You all have mastered working together as a married couple, how has it been navigating working with Joy, Warren’s sister under the label as an artist and still little sister? 

Answer: (Erica) It is not easy and the lines get crossed a lot. As sisters, we talk about everything. At the same time as the wife of the record company label head, there’s things he has to tell and cannot come from him. I am always learning and messing up but its a good thing because he is also  my husband so he forgives me. 

(Warren) All the time, all the time. It is a tight rope walk because before there was a Mary Mary, there was my sister. My very first artist I worked with was my sister. When i was developing as a producer, she was the one i tried all my ideas on, sing this and sing that, and she allowed me to hone my skills using her voice. She has helped me with alot of different projects. She has had to watch Mary Mary put out 5 different albums while she kind of waited. She wasn’t waiting doing nothing however, she was on tour with Kanye West for 5 years, amoung many others. She had had several record deals but mid projects, the ball has always dropped. So when she came to me and told me she wanted to be an independent artist and work with me, I was honored and told her that I will always be there. So I’m excited for everyone to see her journey on the show and how God works in her life. 

We will be LIVE at the Red Carpet Screening in Los Angeles June 11th so stay tuned for updates! 

Read More about the Show below and make sure you tune in! 

The  patriarch  of  the  family,  Warryn  Campbell,  is an  award-winning  veteran  music  producer  for  today’s  most  influential  artists,  Pastor  of  the  California  Worship  Center,  and founder  of  the  record  label  My  Block  Inc.  When  Warryn  is not  leading  prayer  and worship  service,  he is  mentoring  his  upcoming  music  artists.    “I  am  excited  to  let  people  in  and  share  our  family’s  story,”  said  Warryn.  “It is  super  important  that  folks  will  get to  see  a  strong,  beautiful  Black  family,  a  loving  couple  and  nothing  but  the  Hand  of  God  and  the  Grace  of  God  onour  lives  through  every day situations  both  good  and bad.”Dividing  time  between  her  family’s  life  in  Los  Angeles  and  her  work  life  in  Dallas,  Erica  Campbell  is  not  only  a  doting  wife,  mother  and  sister,  but  also  a  host  of  the  popular  nationally-syndicated  program  Get  Up!  Mornings  with  Erica  Campbell  on Reach  Media,  which  she  tapes  daily.  In  addition  to  these  roles,  she  is  also  one-half  of  the  award-winning  Gospel  music  duo  Mary  Mary,  writing  a  new  book,  promoting  her  hair  extension  and  wig  collection  and  serving  as  First  Lady  of  the  family  church.      “We  are  a  normal  family  that  wants  a  healthy  relationship  with  healthy  and  happy  kids  that  will  impact  the  world,”  says  Erica.  “I  think  families  will  see  us  deal  with  the  same  things  they  encounter  in  life.  I’m  so  very  excited.”

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PRESS  “Getting  an  inside  look  into  a  close-knit,  powerhouse  family  like  The  Campbells  is  a  rare  privilege,”  says  Tia  A.  Smith,  Sr.  Director  of  Original  Programming  &  Production  for  TV  One.  “Audiences  of  all  ages  will  identify  with  this  docu-series  and  see  themselves  in  members  of  this  family,  as  they  deal  with  the  same  issues  we  all  do  and  get  through  them  with  humor  and  humility.”As  Gospel  musicians,  raising  a  family  in  the  spotlight  and  dealing  with  issues  of  faith,  sexuality  and  societal  norms  in  the  ageof  social  media  can  be  a  challenge.WE’R ETHE  CAMPBELLS  highlights  the  Campbell  family  on an  intimate  level,  as  well  as introduces  the  large  circle  of  family  and  friends  that  help  keep  things  running  smoothly,  including  Thomas in a  “Miss  Honey”  Atkins  and  Sandra  “Momma”Campbell,  the  loving  and  often  opinionated  mothers  of  Erica  and  Warryn.  WE’RE  THE  CAMPBELLSis  produced  for  TV  OnebyEntertainment  One(eOne).    Executive  Producers  are  Tara  Long,  Mark  Herwick,  Kim  McCoy,Warryn  CampbellandErica  Campbell;  Co-  Executive  Producer  is Narvin  Russaw.  For  TV  One,Tia  Smith is  the  Executive  in  charge  and  Sr.  Director  of Original  Programming  &  Production;Donyell  Kennedy  McColloughis  Sr.  Director  of  Talent,  and Robyn  Greene  Arrington  is  Interim  Head  of  Original  Programming  and  Production.



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