Dr. E Dewey Smith injects HOPE into congregation! ‘Believing God for More’

One of the most difficult plights for Christians is often the limited coping mechanisms in which they are confined into. There are very strict guidelines and doctrines that police...

One of the most difficult plights for Christians is often the limited coping mechanisms in which they are confined into. There are very strict guidelines and doctrines that police how Christians should behave, react, and respond in life’s toughest scenarios. These issues include but are not limited to gun violence, financial instability, human trafficking, domestic abuse and the list goes on. The quick witted retort by many “blessed and highly favored” Christians is usually, “pray about it,” they whisper. 

Over the past decade, time and time again parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters have mourned tragic mass shooting much more than any generation in history. As we speak, twenty-seven percent of African-Americans have a negative net worth. While we commute to and from work there is a sick underworld of individuals partaking in sexual trafficking. Yet still, our Christian leaders continue to softly whisper, “Pray about it.” Leaving men of action to suddenly be caught in a conundrum. 

Not Dr. E Dewey Smith of House of Hope Atlanta. Dr. Smith refuses to sit on the sidelines as social injustice and inequality takes place. The pastor of twenty eight years has proven time and time again that he will not shy away, always insisting that more can be done. Once again, Sunday, March 11, 2018, he asserted that more can be done in all facets of life. Faith, family, finance, freedom, and forgiveness. 

Aptly named his message was entitled, “Believing God for More.” Deriving from the book of John the sixth chapter verses one and two. Dr. Smith began by orating, “A miracle happens when the Spirit interrupts what nature says is possible.” He continued, “God is not limited by human policy, process or the human equation!” We must remember that, “God can interrupt, suspend, circumvent and even reverse those things that we believe are unchangeable.” 

The quintessential Christian has belittled in our eyesight by putting our human qualifications on our situations and circumstances! Within the text, the little boy held on to something placed in his life by his parents. Perhaps there may be something that you are carrying that you’re wondering why the Father allowed you to carry it. Ironically enough, the thing you’re complaining about having to carry may be the one that God uses to bless you and others! 

Dr. Smith asserts, “God may not remove some of your scars because your scars are your sermon!” He continues, “What you carrying right now has been authorized by your Father! It’s not time for you to drop it!” Moreover, not everything that the Father gives you is meant to be consumed! Sometimes it’s a seed to be planted. Often times we have not been good stewards over the seeds God has given us! Dr. E Dewey Smith exhorts,”Many of us finance our wants and beg for our needs!” 

It is imperative that you understand, “Whenever you’re outgoing is greater than your incoming, your upkeep will be your downfall,” says Dr. E Dewey Smith. In the text, the lad gives what he has been carrying so that the entire community can benefit. You must ask yourself, am I motivated to give to the Lord to get more? For, many of us want God to bless us financially but we aren’t organized financially! 

Dr. Smith says, “God has already planned your deliverance even before you start your strategy.” What happens when you have big vision and little resources? Don’t give up. Trust God! Dr. Smith says, “Whatever you ask God for in faith He will grant in grace! Cry out to God!” 

To believe God for more, (1) consider the position that you and I should maintain, (2) we must protect and manage, and (3) consider the provision for miraculous. 


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