Court Records confirms horrific Finds of Man’s Wife Body!

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Court documents officially identify human remains found in a U-Haul storage unit in late October as the wife of Justin Rey.

Rey’s wife was found dismembered in two ice coolers.

Rey is charged with child endangerment after police say he, his toddler, and newborn spent the night in a Lenexa storage unit with the remains.

Family identified her as Jessica Monteiro Rey.

On Oct. 24, U-Haul management called Lenexa police to check on the children’s welfare.

Johnson County court records say Rey was dragging several containers, including a plastic tote and a plastic container, when police made contact.  Rey told officers his wife died several days earlier, and her body was in the two containers.

The newborn, who was four days old at the time, was not wearing adequate clothing and had an eye infection, according to court records. 

Police say they smelled a strong, foul odor inside the storage unit.

The unit was packed with items, such as furniture stacked on top of one another. Police observed a small space at the front of the unit that was only big enough for a person to stand. Police saw fluid on the floor.

A couple gave Rey and the children a ride to the storage facility, who told 41 Action News they met him at a Waldo bar. They say the kids didn’t look well taken care of and felt bad.

Rey told the couple they would sleep at the storage unit again that night.

Prior to Oct. 24, Rey, Monteiro Rey, and their toddler had been staying at a Kansas City, Missouri hotel while she was still pregnant.

Records say Monteiro Rey was last seen around Oct. 20. 

On Oct. 23, the hotel’s surveillance video showed Rey dragging an ice cooler behind him after he checked out, walking with a stroller and the toddler.

It’s still unclear how Monteiro Rey died, though Rey claimed she killed herself after giving birth.

KDPD is investigating her death.



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