Disturbing Video: Teen Points Gun at Officers and asks to be killed!

    (KUTV) Nobody was killed and nobody was shot in a potentially deadly encounter between Orem police and a presumed teen in a car with a gun.  It...

Orem PD video 101917.PNG(KUTV) Nobody was killed and nobody was shot in a potentially deadly encounter between Orem police and a presumed teen in a car with a gun. 

It is unusual when an officer-involved non-shooting is noteworthy, but video of the encounter is shareable and dramatic.


Orem Police Department posted video on its Facebook page Thursday of body camera footage that didn’t result in a shooting or a death — but could have — when the teen opened the back door of a stopped car and pulled the trigger several times with what turned out to be a BB gun. One of the two officers on the video grabs the gun from the teen’s hand who is then put on the ground and handcuffed. He can be heard in the video asking for death.Teen with gun Orem PD 101917.PNG


“Kill me,” the unidentified teen can be heard saying after he is on the ground and an officer orders him to put his hands behind his back for the second time.

We’re going to show you a video that is very disturbing to us!

Before you watch it, we wanted you to have the back story….. wrote the Orem PD on its Facebook page.

The officers declined to speak to KUTV about the incident, but are identified in the Facebook post as Cpl. Vance and Officer Sillitoe. They were on a call of a suspicious occupied vehicle and were apparently about to end the incident by letting the group go, but one of those in the car provided a false name to police.

“Give me your right name,” the officer said. “I am trying to work with you guys. I am letting your friend go on a warrant and you are giving me somebody else’s name.”

Then the back door opens and a teen points a gun and clicks the trigger with it pointed at the officer standing slightly away from the vehicle with his body camera activated.

Had the weapon not been a BB gun, or had been loaded, it looks likely that one of the officers would have been shot.

“Are you kidding me?” the officer on the video can be heard saying. The teen is quickly taken to the ground.

As you can hear at the end, the suspect in this case wanted us to kill him. It didn’t happen………..

The video was released in two parts, the first on Wednesday and the second Thursday. In the first, officers called them “kids” and said they all looked very young. The posts states that officers were about the let them go with no law enforcement action. 


The facebook also contains a list of points Orem PD wanted to make about the video:

  1. See how fast things can happen and we are left playing “catch up”.
  2. This gun ended up being a BB gun but we didn’t know that until after the officer grabbed it out of the suspects hands
  3. It looked and sounded like a real gun.
  4. Cpl. Vance was too close and his natural reaction was to reach out and take the gun from him.
  5. Had he been a bit further away, this may have ended differently because what you can’t see from this angle is that Officer Sillitoe had seen the gun at the last second and drew his handgun but decided not to shoot because Cpl. Vance had gotten too close to the suspect to take him down.
  6. This situation is NOT being used to critique any other incident that happened somewhere else. The circumstances here are not the same, none of them are.
  7. Every use of force situation is different and can’t be compared to each other.
  8. Our officers did everything right……ie. good officer safety positions, good calm demeanor with the occupants, smart tactical sense etc. These are seasoned officers with both SWAT experience and one with combat experience in the military.
  9. Sometimes when people want to do bad things, we can’t prevent it, we can only try to minimize the damage.
  10. The officers are glad that both themselves and the suspect ended up being unharmed.

Source: kutv.com 

Photo Credit: Dude I Want That

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