Suspect, shot 8 times by pastor’s son, charged in armed robbery at MB area church

An 18-year-old Conway teen and former standout high school athlete is facing multiple charges after he allegedly robbed a church security guard at gunpoint and fired at him before...

An 18-year-old Conway teen and former standout high school athlete is facing multiple charges after he allegedly robbed a church security guard at gunpoint and fired at him before the teenager himself was shot eight times by a security guard, according to police.

Richmond Clayton Isaiah Collier is charged with two counts of armed robbery, attempted murder, two counts of pointing and presenting a weapon, possession of a weapon during a violent crime, malicious injury, and unlawful carrying of a pistol, according to Krystal Dotson, Horry County Police Department spokeswoman.

The charges stem from an incident that happened just after 11 p.m. on Sept. 28. Several churchgoers were on the grounds of Grand Strand Baptist Church near the Tanger Outlet on U.S. 501 preparing for an outdoor arts and crafts festival when a security guard, who is also the senior pastor’s son, was approached by Collier, police say.

The suspect came up to the guard and asked for change for a $20, and the guard went to hand it to him when the suspect pointed a gun at the guard’s stomach and demanded his money, according to an Horry County police report.

“Victim advised he complied and when the subject began to walk away, he pulled his weapon, at which time, the suspect shot a round at him,” the report states.

The bullet hit the victim’s driver’s side door, authorities said.

The security guard is licensed to carry a gun, police said, and said he returned gunfire, and as the suspect went to fire his gun at the guard again, it jammed, the report states.

The victim said he then emptied his gun as he fired at the suspect, and the suspect took off running toward Ruby Tuesday’s, according to the report.

An arrest warrant states “Mr. Collier was struck 8 times.” EMS arrived on scene and took Collier to the hospital.

Church members and the victim’s friends on scene bowed their heads and prayed together for healing after the violence erupted, Brooke Hucks, assistant director of the Grand Strand Baptist Church arts and crafts festival, told The Sun News the morning following the incident.

Collier was booked into the J. Reuben Long Detention Center Wednesday afternoon and remains jailed there, online records show.

Police are not pursuing any charges against the victim who shot the suspect as the case is considered self defense, according to Krystal Dotson, HCPD spokeswoman.

Following the incident, this statement was released by Freddie Young, pastor at the church, on Oct. 5:

“As most all of you know, a tragic event occurred on our property on Thursday night, September 28th. One of our own members, my son, was robbed at gun point. Thankfully, he exercised his right to carry a concealed weapon and was able to protect himself and the other members of our church who were here that night. Unfortunately, the suspect was shot and remains hospitalized.

“We, as a church, must come together in this tragedy and pray for all of those who have been affected by the senseless act. I ask that you pray for King and his family. And, I ask that you pray for the young man who made the poor decisions that night which resulted in his injuries. Pray for healing. Pray for his family. And, continue to pray for our church as we heal from this event.”

Collier graduated in 2017 from Carolina Forest High School where he played both basketball an football.

Marc Morris, Carolina Forest football coach, said Collier was a good player who did all he was asked.

“He was truly a hard worker, and to hear of something like this happening is very unfortunate.

“Hopefully this situation is something he can recover and learn from. This I believe could be a learning opportunity for him, as well as this community,” Morris said.

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