Dr. E Dewey Smith keeps his congregation committed to God with riveting Sunday sermon!

Back to Church Sunday was surely a success at House of Hope Atlanta. Though, House of Hope Atlanta actually saw a spike in membership during the traditionally slow summer...

Back to Church Sunday was surely a success at House of Hope Atlanta. Though, House of Hope Atlanta actually saw a spike in membership during the traditionally slow summer months. Dr. E Dewey Smith’s genuine and compassionate messages keep Christians from near and far flooding the sanctuary of House of Hope Atlanta. As we transition into a new church season, Dr. Smith kicked off a new day at House of Hope Atlanta Sunday.

Throughout the entire year of 2017, Dr. E Dewey Smith, in conjunction with the clergy of House of Hope Atlanta have focused on developing communication in all facets. Whether that be spiritual, physical, or emotional, Dr. Smith has equipped his congregation with the tools to navigate anything life may through their way. However, in his most recent sermon, Dr. Smith added a new element to the toolbox. He provided them with biblical instruction detailing how to remain committed to God even in the midst of our dynamic world. 

Dr. Smith’s sermon entitled, “Committed Even in the Shifts” deriving from Acts 8:1, 26. Touching a myriad of divisive topics in America. Dr. Smith began his sermon by highlighting the plight of unemployed former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Many have taken on the belief that Kaepernick has been blackballed from the NFL due to his protest of the national anthem. However, Dr. Smith tends to think Colin Kaepernick is serving a greater purpose now than he ever could have as a B-list NFL quarterback.


Dr. Smith asserts, “If God doesn’t shift us, we can be slaves to yesterday’s victory!” Often God will shake us up when we become comfortable to get us to our point of destiny. In Acts 1:8, God gave HIS promise, but in Acts 8:1 they were still stuck in position. Thus, Dr. E Dewey Smith poses the question, “Will you be committed through the shifts?” God is always calling you to another level, will you answer? 

To help us stay committed in the shifts God allows us to: (1) See a season of attack. When we won’t move on our own, God will move us through attacks on us! It is imperative that you don’t get satisfied with where you are right now. God has more for you! Maybe God isn’t answering your prayer because it won’t move you to where he wants you! You must declare to want more! In the text, Phillip got the position but made no progress. 

Dr. Smith asks, “How many of us are comfortable when our names are on a church roll yet we’ve done nothing?” He continues, “We evangelize not to put ‘butts in the seat’ but to share with other the God we serve!” Within the text, after a season of attack Phillip stepped into his assignment. The problem is that some of us are too busy trying to fill other’s and we forgot about our own!  As the emotion began to overflow the sanctuary, Dr. Smith retorts, “Stop saying God is omnipotent and then turn around and say He can’t use a woman in ministry!” Phillip had stayed in Jerusalem but his assignment was in Samaria. 

Dr. Smith reminds the congregation that, “You don’t need a position – you just need some POWER!” Understand that joy can follow your assignment! If we’re not careful, we can take our ‘Samaria’ as our final destination (Acts 8:26). For there is a difference between desert ministry and dessert ministry! With a dessert ministry, you do only what allows you to be seen. Desert ministry is done with or without an audience.

Dr. Smith also had a message for the ladies of the congregation. He says, “Women, stop waiting for a man you can depend on to take care of you!” We need to teach our daughters to stop being hoochie mamas and start being queens. He continued, “Too many of us are stuck in Jerusalem trying to duplicate what Stephen did. Remember, his ministry started and died in Jerusalem.” Due to the fact that Phillip was open to his assignment and preached to one the Coptic Church was formed by that one. 

Then he switched gears once more, with a thought provoking question. How can you say Christianity was started by a white man when the 1st Christian church was in Egypt? God will never annoit a counterfeit! He closed the sermon out with a heartfelt hymn. “The blood that gives me strength from day to day, it will never lose its power.” 

House of Hope Atlanta welcomes you to come worship with us every Sunday for our sunrise service at 7:15am and 10:15am. Also, do not forget our Wednesday midday bible study at noon and evening bible study at 7pm. Why just exist when you can make some noise? 


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